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California 85793
June 30th - July 5th, 2016
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This is my first review. Stay here for the July 4th holiday weekend, Thursday – Tuesday. I have stayed at Seal Beach in Seal Beach and Fiddler’s Cove in San Diego. I must say that are top of Line when it comes to RV parks. Spaces are wide and the parks are well maintained. Will visited again. This is my only drawback. This is 2016 and it’s a shame that undercover Racism is still here on the military bases. The Camp Host is the person I’m talking about. It’s 4 of July weekend. On Sunday he comes back with new rules from the base commander. I have no problems that, but here comes a unnecessary comment (Your music will have to go. My group average age is 60. We are listen to Jazz and Blues. We are a group of 6 Motor-homes. The 2nd incident was Monday @ 1900 the Camp host Stop at your site and said that he was making his rounds and stop the check to make sure that thing was alright. We are on the second and third row parked behind each other. I watch him go to the end of the row and turn left and then proceed to got to the back of the park and turn back to go into his spot. He never checked any other rows. But the other rows had parties going with many outside guest. If you are doing row checks then do row checks, not stop at the only Afro Americans in the park. All our neighbors enjoyed the weekend with us so much they asked where we are going next so that they can be there with us also. But as I stated the park in 5 stars. Hospitality 2 starts due to camp Host. 
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August 04, 2016
"it’s a shame that undercover Racism is still here on the military bases." WOW-What a statement. Looks like someone needs to go through some diversity training! If you have gone, apparently you need to do it again. I am staying at the same RV park and find "NO SUCH THING HERE!" Please quit using the "RACE CARD" when you cannot settle issues. "Happy Travels!"
1 results - showing 1 - 1