Where should "Prez Donald J Trump Famcamp" be?

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1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #16460 by Swim-bike-run-1
Where should "Prez Donald J Trump Famcamp" be? was created by Swim-bike-run-1
I nominate raccoon creek @ Macdill be changed to this after they do top down complete removal of current staff & new hires/management operate the place much more like NASKW...an everybody is inclusive clique less community unlike the current raccoon creek famcamp at macdill...

Course since it'll be "Prez Trump" inspired well need another few hundred FHU pads built out behind the inwater boat storage/dock (behind old office location) basically between the parachute drop zone and racoon creek presently...

Marina Bay Drive need some more area beautification coming in main gate off dale maybe mabre following the wide, grand drive past airfield, medical clinic, Macdill mall and seeing ahh inspiring CENTCOM complex winding around Tampa Bay past the conference center watching people walk/run on the spongi track as you go past golf course (that'll need some upgrades!!!) and onto marina bay drive to what could be the most awesome military campground ever...

Could even take one if not all of the old commanders/VIP villas by the new conference center (which is totally "trumped out") and convert it to "commanders/VIP villas" styled like Regan's Ranch house be more American/project more American values/experiance than putting all these foreign generals of the coalition up in flavorless VIP suites atop the new conference center? VIP villas easier to secure as separate from busy building...

Maybe I'll write a letter to General Tony Thomas who is stationed at macdill as commander of SOCOM, he's got some pull on base?

Anyways, thought I'd start my first thread....
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1 year 5 months ago #16461 by The Roo
How about several totally new ones? Maybe one outside Boston , another near NYC, two in Kali, one near Golden Gate Park, and the other on any available federally owned beachfront in the LA area, and of course the centerpiece, located on a closed National Guard site in Chicago. Each with a 20' tall gold sign proclaiming its presence.
Local infrastructure, no politician knocks those projects.
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1 year 5 months ago #16464 by dubob
Shouldn't this thread be moved to the 'Humor' forum? Just sayin'. :laugh:

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