Litter and Yapping dogs

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4 years 3 months ago #13196 by Tweedro
Litter and Yapping dogs was created by Tweedro
Since I know a lot of people come here and read the posts, I wanted to throw this out there.

Litter-next to dumpsters, trashcans..Its absolutely disgusting how many users of FamCamps are too lazy to throw their litter away. Even the upper pay grades. If your guilty of this....SHAME ON YOU!

Yapping dogs- ok, you have to have a dog, you have to bring it along, why leave it all day long in your rv to yap? Do you leave your children home alone all day too? Going to a restaurant is one thing, these yapper are left alone to bother everyone around them all day. Like clockwork they always say, "they don't do that at home". If you fall into this category, you don't deserve to have a dog.

Since these camps are benefits to all of us, we should all care about whats happening. I see it, I will call you out.
4 years 3 months ago #13199 by JJnLilly
Replied by JJnLilly on topic Litter and Yapping dogs
Have to agree - especially on the dog issue. And I don't blame the dogs - it is those owners who are afraid to 'train' the dog not to bark or cause a ruckus. They think it is so 'cute' when the puppy runs around barking at everything and as the pup grows it believes this is what it is supposed to do. Shame on poor dog parenting skills!
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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #13208 by Blackhawk
Replied by Blackhawk on topic Litter and Yapping dogs

Yep, or Yap in this case, also have to agree !

And, add smoking in the bath house/laundry rooms.

Go to most State Parks or National Parks and you will see/hear it more than on mil Fam Camps.

But, our mil is a reflection of what is outside of the gate.

So, we see more and more rude people, barking dogs, smoking in the facilities, not picking up after mutts, not picking up trash. And when they make it to the trash can...seems they cannot figure how to open it up to dump it in. Batteries, oil cans, old spray paint, auto parts, house trash and more left out for someone else to police up and take care of. I have seen campers leave their daily house trash in a bag at their site when they leave. One guy was told "hey, sir, take that over to the trash dumpster." He replied "I don't give a $(##, this place &(@%." So his way of dealing with management at the FamCamp was to leave his trash at this space for all of us to see and smell???

Dogs !! Majority of the dog owners pick up behind their dog's behind and shut them up. It only takes one yapping mutt to ruin a stay at a FamCamp. Agree, is it not the dog's fault. The owners do not make the mutts shut up. Don't dare complain to the owner!

Solution?? Until Fam Camps managers/MWR enforce the rules, such will continue and get worse.

I can only name a few, about 3 or 4, Fam Camp mangers/MWR that will make the dog owners, trash dumpers, smokers in the laundry room STOP or move on.
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4 years 2 months ago #13215 by LamSan
Replied by LamSan on topic Litter and Yapping dogs
The dog barking is a "hot spot" with us also. We feel the hosts should also be enforcing the dog rules regarding leaving them outside, tied up and unattended as most FamCamps have this as a written rule. We were at Eagle Hammock at Kings Bay Sub Base and the RV across from us had two dogs who barked whenever a person without another dog walked by and you can imagine the noise when someone walked by with a dog. Left them tied up outside with no one at the site and hubby asked them nicely to please not leave the dogs outside unattended and of course the answer he got back was "we only walked away for a few minutes". Did they look like homesteaders, you bet they did as they had stuff all around and underneath the RV. Thankfully we were there only two nights on our way back home or we would have asked to be moved if it had continued and we most definitely would have asked the Mgr. or hosts to address the issue, would not have been the first time and probably will not be the last. We no longer own pets and we see too many folks in the FamCamps who are not physically able to take care of the dogs properly, it is sad as we know all to well how the pets are family. AS FOR THE TRASH ISSUE THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE AND UNDER NO CONDITION SHOULD THIS BE ALLOWED OR TOLERATED. AGAIN WE DO NOT HESITATE TO KINDLY ASK SOMEONE TO PICK IT UP OR DISPOSE OF IT PROPERLY AND SOME OF THE TRASH THAT COMES OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS WOULD MAKE THEIR MOTHERS TURN OVER IN THEIR GRAVES, SHAME ON YOU WHO ARE GUILTY OF THIS.
4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #13216 by Blackhawk
Replied by Blackhawk on topic Litter and Yapping dogs
LamSan, barking, yapping, whining dogs are a headache for others.

Did you bring it to the attention of the FamCamp manager?

We have stayed at Kings Bay Sub Base Fam Camp a few times. Normally management there is good about things like that.

Barking, yapping, whining dogs are just like playing loud music or having loud parties.

Hopefully every time a camper hears this nonsense they to immediately notify the office. And if needed, base police, command, MWR directorate.
Then possibly, something will be done.

Homesteaders are a cash cow to some FamCamps. So MWR does not rock the boat with homesteaders. MWR mgmt sees you leaving in a few days = not much money coming in from you. You hitting the road means the problem is gone in their eyes. NOT REALLY...only makes it worse for the next camper.
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4 years 2 months ago #13220 by LamSan
Replied by LamSan on topic Litter and Yapping dogs
There is no manager at Kings Sub Base Famcamp on a weekend so a casual remark to the Host was about all we could do this time. There are many homesteaders now at Kings Bay and a new rule allows folks to keep there RV in a site during off season and they can come use it one weekend a month. One RV'r actually told us they have a reservation through May of next year and they have been there for years in the same spot. I think many of us would agree that homesteaders somehow skirt the rules at many of the Famcamps.
4 years 2 months ago #13222 by Blackhawk
Replied by Blackhawk on topic Litter and Yapping dogs
We have stayed at Kings Bay Fam Camp a few times.

Never had a problem there.

Management was great. Fam Camp was clean and well maintained.

Best manager they had (now moved on) was Carla ( spelling of her name ...sorry forgot). Her and her husband lived in the Fam Camp.

Great folks.

She did her job and fairly enforced the rules for all.

The way it should be.
3 years 9 months ago #13652 by CapeCodBob
Replied by CapeCodBob on topic Litter and Yapping dogs
I have to agree and I have dogs. Whenever I leave them the windows are closed up and they are pugs and don't usually bark. I would want to know if they do and don't mind mentioning it to other people that thier dog barks. They have doggie day care for those long days away.

Also the smoking is a neuisince . Some rude smokers lite up right under your window. . I am not a smoker and have no sympathy for them.

Trash around a dumptser is inevitable and I will always police the area as the wind blows the lids open etc. and may not be a person's fault. May be if it is they were having a bad day. I will pick up after them as I have respect for the service they gave my country. I even pick up butts. Hoping they will see me and may have a positive affect, turds too. I might miss my own dogs and hope someone else will do the same.
Pay it forward.

My wife is a little more criticle of the retirees . Can't believe some of the things former servicemen do to be slobs.

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