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3 years 11 months ago #13446 by msgtdoc
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Good morning everyone
Well I finally have retired and am starting to plan my trips this summer and fall. I have a small class C and I tow a can-am spyder in a covered trailer for my day runner. Now to the question what is required to be able to dive the Can-am on base and getting on and off base. Is there a standard or is it by base. You do have to have a motorcycle licenses in my state to drive one but other states don't require it. Thanks for all help and answers. Everyone out there camping stay warm. Here in southwestern Pa. it was -14 with the wind chill. I can't wait until summer. B)
3 years 11 months ago #13447 by Hank85713
Replied by Hank85713 on topic Motorcycles on base
Military regulations by service will apply although all are supposed to be basically the same. Army regs required civilians as well as AD types to have a MSF course license. Some installations provide for minimal cost others require it to be out of pocket to qualify! generally require DOT helmet, gloves, eye protection (even if equipped with wind screen), reflective vests/belts, high top not sports shoes (i.e solid soled over ankle). AR 385-55 I think it was covered this for army installations I cannot remember if it was a joint service reg.

Here in AZ at DMAFB they hold MSF classes I think Monthly and it had no or minimum costs at one time. Ft Huachuca on the other hand, 70 miles away required the cours but would not provide so it was all out of pocket.

From what I have seen in particular at DMAFB they just check the ID if 'properly' equipped or appear to be. Ft Huachuca would not issue stickers until proof of attendance at a MSF course but since no issues stickers anymore? The navy marine guys are in a world all of their own so I dont know what they require. I remember someone, I think here saying they still required stickers on vehicle, dont know if that is true or not anymore? Best thing if possible get a MSF course and keep the card handy. Used to be renew every 5 years again dont know if that is still true. Used to be gwrra member but trying to get into a MSF course they offered was almost next to imposssible as many would take the available course every year and it kept others on the outside. I havent tried to ride on base in a while so really dont know what they are looking for, but I have seen them let guys in with "shorty' helmets without a problem. SOme didn't have reflective vests either.
3 years 11 months ago #13448 by Hank85713
Replied by Hank85713 on topic Motorcycles on base
I just did a search and yes it is AR 385-55 Appen B: Not reference to civilians on post. It is not a joint service document therefore you would need research whatever service you will most likely encounter. I would guess as long as you met these standards they would apply (in reality not necessarily so) to all branches
B–3. Motorcycle safety (HSPS No. 3) To operate on Army installations— a. Operators of privately or government-owned motorcycles and mopeds must be currently licensed by civil authorities and by competent military authorities outside the United States to drive motorcycles or mopeds on public roadways, except where not required by SOFA or local laws. Mopeds will not carry passengers unless specifically designed to do so. b. Each driver of a privately or government-owned motorcycle or moped will be required to satisfactorily complete an Army-approved motorcycle safety course. The course will consist of classroom instruction, hands-on training, and the successful completion of hands on and written evaluation. c. Motorcycles and mopeds must have headlights turned on at all times except where prohibited by SOFA or local laws. d. Soldiers will wear a properly fastened, approved helmet whenever and wherever (on or off post) they operate or ride a motorcycle or moped. Civilian personnel must wear a helmet while driving or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle or moped on Army installations or while on Government business off the installation. The helmet will be properly fastened (under the chin) and meet DOT motorcycle safety helmet construction standards. (The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, the Navy Resale System, and the Marine Corps Exchanges will offer for sale only those helmets that meet at least the DOT standards.) e. Soldiers will wear proper eye protection, full-fingered gloves, long trousers, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, high-visibility garments (bright color for day and retroreflective for night), and leather boots or over-the-ankle shoes whenever and wherever they operate or ride a motorcycle or moped. Civilian personnel must wear the same protective clothing specified for soldiers when operating or riding a motorcycle or moped on Army installations or while on Government business off the installation. Proper eye protection includes clear goggles or a face shield attached to the helmet. A motorcycle or moped windshield or fairing is not considered proper eye protection.
f . Government-owned motorcycles and those motorcycles and mopeds registered on an installation by soldiers must have two rear view mirrors (one mirror on each side). Motorcycles and mopeds owned by civilian personnel and operated on a military reservation must also have two rearview mirrors (one mirror on each side). g. Motorcycle and moped safety requirements do not apply to bicycles; however, bicycle riders should be encouraged to use the protective equipment listed above. h. The use of headphones or earphones while driving a motorcycle or moped on Army installation roads and streets is prohibited.
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3 years 11 months ago #13449 by monkey44
Replied by monkey44 on topic Motorcycles on base
When I tried to get my bikes on Kings Bay, even in a trailer, I had to show registration and insurance for both bikes.

I also had to have a state license with motorcycle designation on it, AND had to also have a military motorcycle license. I had all but the miitary MC license -- So, I signed up to runt he course on base. When I tried to bring my bike on base (still in its trailer) the gate said "NO" because I had no military license. My statement that I was bringing my bike on base to acquire the military license made NO difference.

I then parked, unloaded my trailer, drove on base, got the motorcycle instructor to call base CO to allow me on the base to ride the required MC course and get the military license I need to get the bie on base. Was a hassle, but got it done. Not sure how other bases do it. Kings Bay is very strict on all regulations ..

I was caught in a catch-22 -- needed my bike on base to qualify at the riding course, but couldn't get the bike on base without the license I was taking it on base to get. Believe this -- I'll never let my MC license expire ...
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3 years 11 months ago #13453 by ErnieT
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I have a gold wing trike. I do have Florida motor cycle license. Only because I had Harley 2 wheelers before. But each base is different in Florida. NAS Jax does not require a base course for bikes with 3 wheels. Some bases require the vest and most do not. It is up to the C.O. of that base. Call before you get to the base to be safe...
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3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #13457 by majfrizz
Replied by majfrizz on topic Motorcycles on base

are you telling me if i am passing thru and stay overnight at Kingsbay Famcamp and I have my Goldwing on the Hydralift I will not be able to bring it in. Am I reading your post correct? I have a state Motorcycle endorsement with the safety course but no military at all.


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