Inflated camp ground ratings and also post on ICE

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #13930 by travelGuy
Hi, we have been to most of the military RV camp grounds over the years.

When I see the ratings given to a few RV parks I wonder how anyone could rate so high.

Folks, you need to rate the campground how you really see it. Give a fair and impartial rating.

Not a rating based upon how you liked your next door neighbor.
And not a rating cause you think you will visit again and need some brownie points with the guy/girl on the desk.

Some of the rudest people working in the office seem to get high ratings on here. Wrong thing to do.
If you want their behavior/customer skills to improve then tell it like it really is.

We see over and over again ratings of 4.0 given to a RV park that does not come close to a 3.0 or even a 2.0

If we want things to improve at our military campgrounds, DO NOT INFLATE the ratings !!

Also post a comment on ICE regarding the facility you stayed at. And be honest in your rating/comments on ICE. Those comments go to the top for review.

ICE link:

You will get lots of mileage by also posting a comment on ICE.

Quote from JohnandMari:

"""Unfortunately, unless we agressively express our views on the FamCamp operations; poor management / upkeep, homesteading, ever-increasing prices, sites occupied by trailers for TDY personnel, PCS personnel as permanent residents, etc, nothing will change. Do I express my views on the operation of the various FamCamps as we travel about - YES! Hopefully, all of us do the same, because that, in my humble opinion is the only possible means available to change the way these recreational facilities are operated."""
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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #13952 by UH1-Vietnam
Replied by UH1-Vietnam on topic Inflated camp ground ratings and also post on ICE
Good suggestion to submit comments to ICE (link above). And tell it like it is.

Of course when you see a outstanding person in the office give credit where credit is due.
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3 years 3 months ago #13966 by LamSan
Ratings are subjective as we all have different priorities when we go to a campground, military or private and reading the comments in this #1 website sometimes helps to understand why someone rated the campground the way they did. Have been using military campgrounds for about 15 years and for all the times we made a formal complaint to management or through ICE I have not seen any significant changes take place. I can remember one time I made a complaint about 5 years ago about a host to management of the campground and made a comment in the ratings and boy did I get slammed back by people who use that campground and were friends of the host I complained about. One ICE I submitted about meals being overpriced and lacking in flavor and quality at Patrick AFB and the response I got back was "you are the first person to make this complaint so for now nothing will change and we hope you will try it again". Well we did and it was just as bad, so hope others have had better results with ICE. Let us all be reminded these ratings are for us to see and make decisions about staying at a FamCamp, if individual FamCamp powers that be read them that would be great but when I ask the managers if they read them some say what website are you talking about!
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3 years 1 month ago #14098 by wrvond
I did not know about ICE. I've posted for my latest stay, unfortunately I gave them high marks across the board because my stay (including check in at the gate) was so pleasant. ;)
But seriously, thanks for the education and the link!
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3 years 1 month ago #14106 by dpicard
I do rate the famcamps as I see them. Just because there is homesteading going on is no reason for me to lower my rating. I have also seen ratings for parks that I think are crap holes. We all expect and look at things differently. Just because the office staff is rude to one person, doesn't mean that they will be rude to me.

I have used ICE a couple times in the past. What good does it do if the ICE comment is going to the facility and management involved. Do they get stored somewhere or sent to the higher ups also? I don't think so, so it does no good to submit an ICE comment that is going to get nowhere and no action. You may get a reply but it will be lip service. When the ICE comments go to someone other than the offending organization, then maybe we will see some action.
3 years 1 month ago #14109 by monkey44
Depends on the base, but most ICE comments should be directed to the base CO. What the CO does with it makes a difference in how it's handled. Sometimes, CO sends it to the campground, sometimes the CO sends a rep from his office to check it out.

I'll let you all guess which one gets the most attention.

There are occasions where we've sent a complaint and got no answer, and times we got a response. We don't send ICE very often, so it's hard to say how effective it will be. We have also send compliments via ICE as well, when a campground is run well. ICE accepts good as well as bad messages ... sometimes, it makes sense to tell a CO the campground is excellent too, so they know it and keep it up.
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