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3 years 3 months ago #14061 by chucksper
Concealed carry was created by chucksper
We travel and stay on military bases in our travel trailer 80% of the time. We now both want to obtain our concealed carry license and keep a firearm while traveling. Since you can't bring a firearm on base or even store it at the armory, does my one have a suggestion where to keep your firearm stored when camping on base? Any suggestions greatly appreciated., Thanks.
3 years 3 months ago #14062 by monkey44
Replied by monkey44 on topic Concealed carry
Unless the laws have changed in the past year, most bases require you to store it in the armory. So, I'm not sure why you say you cannot store there.

Is there a new law change that we don't know about??
3 years 2 months ago #14093 by wrvond
Replied by wrvond on topic Concealed carry
The last base we stayed at in November, specifically addressed this issue by requiring all firearms to be stored at the armory.
3 years 2 months ago #14105 by USCGRetired30
Replied by USCGRetired30 on topic Concealed carry
I stopped by Kings Bay Ga, a few months ago and they asked if I have a weapon 'on board'. Each base has specific procedures concerning "civilian" weapons brought on base, Andrews AFB bans them totally, but considering their primary mission, I get it... You just need to ask first.
3 years 5 days ago #14228 by 17oaks
Replied by 17oaks on topic Concealed carry
Sadly times have changed in our military and we are no longer trusted with guns in spite of the fact that almost every soldier on post is assigned a weapon. I remember the days of bringing our deer rifles on post and showing them to our buddies that hunted. No one thought any different Today, I am told even if you live off post, its best to keep your gun ownership to your self.

Today I rarely go on a military post for anything. We own a business and often make cash deposits at the bank, so we keep a gun in our car and are both licensed to carry (we rarely carry on our person, but want to keep access close).
3 years 18 hours ago - 3 years 18 hours ago #14244 by deckie49
Replied by deckie49 on topic Concealed carry
I seriously doubt a concealed carry permit means anything on a federal installation. I have noticed over the past few years that when I come onto a base I am asked if I have a weapon to declare. Doesn't matter if I bring a fifth wheel on post for a stay at the famcamp, or just driving in a vehicle. I always just said "no". If you declare a weapon, you have to go through rather a hassle. You will be escorted to the base armory (usually the MP station) where you will turn your weapon into them. When you leave post you will need to make an appointment to go into the armory to recover your weapon and be escorted off post.
But, here's the rub- If you do not declare your weapon, and it is discovered that you do have a weapon, you will be cited. It is a serious offense. You will permanently loose your "priveledge" of coming back on post. Ie, you will be banned from entering. No more commissary, px, etc. I do not know if the ban is just for that post, servicewide or department of defense wide. Personally, I think a little hassle and inconvienence is a small price to pay considering the alternative. Just my 2 cents.
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2 years 10 months ago #14545 by airlifter
Replied by airlifter on topic Concealed carry
We stayed at Paris Island a while back. I called ahead to ask if I could check my weapon when I came on base. They told me that the only people allowed to check weapons were law enforcement.
2 years 10 months ago #14546 by 17oaks
Replied by 17oaks on topic Concealed carry
I have all but stopped going on any federal installation. Maybe once a year around Christmas I will head over to the PX/BX and get some import candies, but other than that there is little reason to go. I can shop around and buy major end items just as cheap if not more so. When were were shopping for new washer/dryer I caught a sale at Lowe's and bought WAY below the on base price.

I remember my dad who came to visit me in '74 when I was at Ft Hood, I was a 2nd Infantry platoon ldr. Dad went in '34 into the Infantry, retired in 62, As dad left and we were out in the parking lot he said: Sure brought back a lot of memories and things have not changed as much as I thought they would have.

I retired in '94 and I do not even know the military of today, its as alien as it can be.

I find the whole thing with guns repulsive. I am not a mulsim and was trusted with a gun my whole career, today I am not??????

Yea, I could tell them no I don't have a firearm, but that goes against my value set, so I just don't go any more.
2 years 10 months ago #14570 by dubob
Replied by dubob on topic Concealed carry
Not trying to change your mind about base visits, but just wanted to point out that the AAFES stores will match prices with ANY off base retailer for an IDENTICAL item and you never have to pay sales tax on base. Just in case you didn't already know that. We both have carry licenses but never carry on base which we visit about 5 times a week for various reasons. Works for us, but may not for others. And Commissary prices have been proven time and time again to be GENERALLY cheaper overall than any civilian food store/chain locally. :)

Bob Hicks, from Utah
I’m 76 years young and going as hard as I can for as long as I can.
“Free men don't ask permission to bear arms.” ― Glen Aldrich
2 years 10 months ago #14576 by 17oaks
Replied by 17oaks on topic Concealed carry
While I have a CCL I don't carry often, but I do keep a gun in my truck, as I stated I own a business and we need to make cash desposits on a regular basis and I don't want to get into 'do I have the gun in the truck today or did I leave it at home?' We make cash deposits about once a week, but rarely on a regular basis (like every Fri). Our place is N of San Antonio about 1 hr and a trip into SA is an all day deal, COSTCO, Sam's, Wal Mart, deposit at USAA, Tractor Supply and to my distributor to pick up supplies for our business etc. Left the place at 10:30 this am and rolled in at 8:45 and we rolled all day. To be honest adding on a PX/BX stop just is not in our cards, we only hit SA about once a, drove almost 200 mi. I know lots of other retires that do same. My guess is if I lived in SA where I have 3, 4 not sure how many PX/BX there are but plenty to chose from I would no doubt do more shopping there, especially if they sold John Deere equipment, LOL.

When I am not on my JD or clearing land or building ponds on my place on someone else's or tending to my business and doing trade shows thru the year, remodeling the old ranch house I try to find some time with my wife and dogs. Gonna make sure the Grim Reaper has to run his butt off to catch the 70's old man.
2 years 10 months ago #14588 by Frank A.
Replied by Frank A. on topic Concealed carry
I was at Uchee Creek last week and went through the gates to the main post probably 20 times. I was never asked about a weapon. I don't travel with weapons because I do stay on military installations and it's a hassle. And I would never tell a security person I don't have one if I do. A person at the AAFES gun shop told me that if I got a lock box and put my weapon in there and if I was ever searched they would never ask me to unlock it. I don't trust that. So my weapon continues to stay home. They should do like states that don't honor you concealed license from you home state. Take California, they don't honor my license. All I have to do is unload and place it in the rear of the vehicle out of my reach.
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2 years 10 months ago #14612 by powerboatr
Replied by powerboatr on topic Concealed carry
we always call first
get a name and procedure
some will tell you if its in the rv in a locked area, not to say yes.
others simply tell you to let the sentry know and its locked in safe or lock box
and others say NO NO NO NO
some say yes and let you check them in the armory
its dependent on the base commander
AFB seem to be the best at allowing with limited issues
be safe and call ahead.
2 years 10 months ago #14613 by Frank A.
Replied by Frank A. on topic Concealed carry
If I have a weapon, I don't care if it's in the RV or not, when I'm asked if I have a weapon, the answer is always going to be "Yes". We were in New England last June and decided to stop at the Submarine base at Groton, Connecticut. When we pulled up to the gate, a security person came up and said your number came up and we need to inspect your vehicle. I had to pull into an area and 2 security persons and a German Shepherd went through my truck and 5th Wheel like they were looking for something special. They didn't find anything including a gun. When I know I'm going to visit military installations I leave my gun at home. If I did have a gun, I'm certainly not going to lie to these people and tell them I don't. To each their own. If you want to screw up your base privileges, that's up to you. I'm not.
2 years 10 months ago #14614 by 17oaks
Replied by 17oaks on topic Concealed carry
The past 2 posts have illustrated what has always been the real issue: Fact is its up to the Post Commander and his Provost Marshall.

26 years in the military and at military posts all over the world and the US it seems everyone has a different set of rules on any given day. Here are just a few things I encountered and or saw:

Ft WeGotcha: TDY, no room on post so I had to motel off post. EVERY Day I wait in line at the MP office to get my ONE DAY ENTRY pass. Common is entry pass for duration of TDY assignment, TDY orders with pass attached and laying on dash of car,

Ft Puritan: I am in line to MP office to get entry pass, ahead of me are a lady and her daughter.

'Mam, you are denied entry onto this post as no women are allowed to wear shorts over the knees!

Who the hell made up that crazy rule? I want to see the the Provost Marshall NOW!!! [Sr NCO comes over and repeats the rule. Woman now screams for the PM AND the Post Commander. Capt comes out, all puffed up and lets her know we have rules and she better pipe down. Woman begins to hover and says we will see about that and she and daughter go outside. I am in uniform and follow her thinking maybe I can calm her down and it got quite heated in there. She looks at me and says Major, thank you but I can take care of this myself. I move off to the side as she take out cell fone and the conversation goes about like this:

First she dials and no one answers so she just says call me ASAP. Then she dial again and wants to talk with John. Then she says 'I don't give a damn I want to talk with him now'. Then: Honey, would you believe this crazy rule here at Ft Puritan , they won't let me and Jane come on post to the you bye.

Few min go by, very few. Car comes sliding in to the parking lot and Col gets out and runs to the MP office. She and daughter are standing outside. COL is shaking like a dog trying to pass a peach seed. he salutes her, now the PM comes sliding in and he spins telling eh PM the no shorts policy above the knee is NOT what I meant, PM is going 'Sir, but, but you said'.

Col now asks woman if there is ANYTHING he can do...she smiles and says no thanks, we want to get our pass to go to the PX. He says don't worry about your pass, I will an MP car escort you around the Base.

I get my pass and as I was walking to the car the I spot the PM and say hey who was that woman SIr? He says the woman who probably ended our careers...her husband is Air Force Chief of Staff. Mom and daughter were in Ft Worth to visit TCU Univ.

They were dressed fine, nothing wrong with their shorts, mom's were barely above the knee and daughter a bit shorter, but nothing you would even notice.

Wish there was a DoD policy that could not be altered by some Col/PM at their whim...
2 years 10 months ago #14615 by 17oaks
Replied by 17oaks on topic Concealed carry
I think some of you are missing the point...WTH do you mean I cannot bring my gun, I am a soldier (in my case INFANTRY). I am a war fighter and had some folks had their guns, we might had a lot less dead and wounded at Ft Hood Texas or the Naval base DC.

ANYONE here taken note that most mass murders in the US take place in a GUN FREE ZONE?

Then of course there are the military installations that have PUBLIC facilities located on them and public roads.

I have been on posts where a main highway went thru the post, do you think there was a MP gate there???? NO or installations were there were hotels and other other public facilities...military could not get on post unless they had an ID card AND a windshield sticker, but a civvy just drove on with no issue.

I personally am offended that my govt no longer trusts me, a combat soldier, who has been trusted with the lives of soldiers across the world on and off the battlefield. Even as the Officer of the Day I carried a gun, with mag inserted, as a pay officer I carried a gun and so did the enlisted that went with me to pick up cash pay at the Fin Office in countries across the world, we all had guns.

I am insulted and you should be too...
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2 years 10 months ago #14616 by Frank A.
Replied by Frank A. on topic Concealed carry
I love fiction! :laugh:
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2 years 10 months ago #14617 by 17oaks
Replied by 17oaks on topic Concealed carry

Frank A. wrote: I love fiction! :laugh:

Fiction, NOT!

Wives have a LOT of influence.

You MAY remember the days when the clubs served beer at lunch. It all came to a SCREECHING halt across the DoA and the rest of the services on one rainy day at the Ft Hood Officers Club annex across from III Corp HQ.

It was Pizza day, I was working out of the '3' shop and some of us took a late lunch. Rain and helicopter pilots from the 9th ACCB did not get along, so they headed to the Annex for beer and pizza. By the time we got there it was them only, we sat down and ordered our pizza's.

They were a happy group as beer soaked pilots are apt to be. Some women also came in and unkown to the pilots it was the wife of the CoS US Army, she was there to visit with the wives of the Sr Co's wives at Ft Hood. When the noise and language finally got the best of the women and you guessed it, she walked over and asked them to tone it down in no uncertain terms. Pilots displayed their displeasure and it got ugly quickly.

I remember well, she pulled rank, then the III Corp Co's wife joined in. With luck there was not a pitcher of beer on our table and left, leaving enough money to cover out bill as we did not want it to rain on our parade...

By 1700 hrs that day we received a twixt at III Corp there will be no alcohol sales to anyone prior to 1700 hrs on any Army post CONUS/OCONUS to include Class VI sales.

It was later amended to allow PX/Class VI sales to those in civilian clothes prior to 1700.
2 years 10 months ago #14618 by Hank85713
Replied by Hank85713 on topic Concealed carry
Frank, same here but at Ft Bragg. I guess after all the PT and initial whatever the grunts do some went to the PX and I guess some col/gens wife had to wait in line to cash out. Anyhow a few days later it came out that in order to be in the px before 1200 you had to have a note from your 'leader' authorizing you to be there! I was stationed on Simmons airfield and the Bn hq was in the div area. about 2-3 miles away. anyhow I needed to get gas for my car and stopped at the px gas station. While there 2 mp's came up and asked to see my permission slip to be at the gas station! I told them I didn't have one and the alternative would be to park along the road and walk to get fuel or something if I didn't stop. Makes no sense how some of the BS rulings come down.

I have also seen wives wear the husbands rank and try to get ahead of everyone else. 'I am mrs col so and so' and I need to get to wherever! The best answer was sorry mam, mil in uniform go first (if I remember right this was in the line at the dispensery where rx were filled?). I have also seen retirees try the same thing some havent seen a uniform in 40 years or so!
2 years 10 months ago #14619 by Frank A.
Replied by Frank A. on topic Concealed carry
What this has to do with concealed weapons, I don't know. The fiction I was talking about is about the woman in shorts. I know this other stuff goes on. I was at Dyess AFB back in the 80s and there was a big thing for a couple of days about the wing commander's wife parking in a parking spot for generals at the Exchange. It made the base newspaper. She won of course. They say it's not the person, it's the star decal on the car. I really didn't care. I think they should take all these special parking spots away.
2 years 10 months ago #14620 by 17oaks
Replied by 17oaks on topic Concealed carry
Guess I am lying huh? NO I AM NOT...
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