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No offense taken. I've done a lot of leg work on this. I don't necessarily want to carry on base. I just want to take my gun with me and it's tough when you use military campgrounds and have to leave your gun home or check it in. I usually leave mine home. It would be nice if we could store it in our RV unloaded and take it on base. And by the way, I may be an old military retiree but don't wear panties yet. Take care.
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Last chapter in my CPL saga, I promise! I did take a ride out to Selfridge this afternoon and asked some questions. The first was to the gate guard. I told him I had a loaded handgun in my coat pocket. He asked if I had a Michigan concealed weapon permit and I said "Yes". He said no problem and I was waved through. I then went to the security office and talked to the chief. He said as long as you have a Michigan CPL or from a state who's license is honored by Michigan, it doesn't matter if you are active duty, civilian, guard or reserve, or retired, you are legal to carry a concealed weapon on Selfridge.

I also talked to the person in the Exchange gun shop and he thinks all other military installations have gone that way or will. He thinks Selfridge was one of the last. I don't know about that and need to do some research.
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Any new updates or changes to " RETIREES" carrying a weapon in an RV when traveling or staying on Base??
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mvizinho wrote: Any new updates or changes to " RETIREES" carrying a weapon in an RV when traveling or staying on Base??

In a word - "No!" DoDD 5210.56, November 18, 2016 appears to apply to AD only. There is no reference to retirees anywhere in that directive. And the directive states that an 05 or higher commander "MAY" approve CC; not that they "SHALL" approve CC.

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I travel cross country using a 5th wheel camper for my lodging. My spouse and I also both have Concealed Carry permits. We always make it a point to remove our firearms from our person, unload them and lock the unloaded firearms in a lock box in our 5th wheel, separate from our ammo prior to entering any military facility to utilize their camping facilities. Our policy is that if we are ever asked if we have any firearms, that we will disclose that we do, and where they are. However, we have never been asked at any of the facilities we have stayed at whether we have any firearms with us or not. We keep our firearms stored unloaded in the lockboxes inside of the 5th wheel the entire time that we are on the base, and only remove them, load them and place them back on our person after leaving the military installation. So far, this policy has worked for us, and we plan to continue this procedure.
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We evacuated Hurricane Matthew last year and evaced to Tampa. Made a visit to MacDill and I told guard at gate I had a gun. He had me pull over and show it to him. A staff sergeant with some salt.

I showed him it was unloaded and ammo in different location. He told me to leave it that way and proceed.

I do have a FL CCW and am also retired law enforcement and had my current HR218 card, both of which helped.

I WOULD NEVER LIE TO THEM. i live just outside Patrick AFB and go there all the time. I never take a gun with me to Patrick.
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Totally agree. Posts and bases often do not ask about weapons although some always do. If asked you are duty bound and honor bound to declare the weapon. A trip to the armory is not such a bad thing.

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