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1 year 11 months ago #16188 by harrylouise
Rainy Day Bloviating - Danger Lurks was created by harrylouise
I woke up this morning to a beautiful, sunny day. Just the type of day that I look forward to by doing everything I can to enjoy every moment [Not crafting RDB articles - humor]. Have you ever been in a situation when you couldn’t, for a considerable length of time, see the outdoor world - I have. The outdoor world includes; the weather, time of day [daytime or night], sights, sounds, smells, and yes, people? If you have, you know what it means and should not be afraid to admit to yourself and/or others that it is your “right” to enjoy and appreciate all these precious natural moments. Are you starting to feel pumped-up and pretty good about yourself? Great, soak it all in. What … What was that? Something bad is happening or is about to happen. That “it” is probably something like what a large majority of our past and present military service members have experienced first-hand. Being on the receiving end of an explosive detonation. It is probably one of the most terrifying and destructive events any human being could experience. Beside the destructive part, the event has all the potential of making you feel completely helpless. About the only thing you can do is kiss your XXX good-bye, hunker down and hope for the best. You had a choice, you knew that you could be put in that terrible situation when you signed your name on the dotted line and raised you right hand. You didn't have many options, dangerous situations was something that you expected to come with the turf. Okay buckaroo’s, calm down. I’m just trying to establish a base for an analogy for a different type of denotation with the same terrifying and destructive characteristics. The big difference is: you can do something about it – you and your loved ones don’t have to be the casualties. I can safely assume that most of the readers of this article are RV’ers and travel throughout this great country. As you travel to various locations you are presenting yourself (and others?) as targets for some very dangerous weather anomalies, for example; tornadoes, lighting strikes, hurricanes, flooding (regional and flash), and the list can go on-and-on - You get the point. You need to completely forget about the “I know what I am doing, it’s not going to happen to me” attitude, or “it’s only happens to the other guy” (OPK syndrome), or the worst thing: “I’m immortal, you can’t kill me”. I have no intention to provide a laundry list of the do’s and not-to-do’s – I will assume that all the readers are wearing their big-person pants and can create their own lists. But, as my closing remarks, I would like to direct you to a website: kost1035.iheart.com/content/2017-08-02-w...g-hits-a-river-watch . The website will show you, probably the best graphics you will ever see, the destructive power of a lightning strike. If I haven’t gotten your attention, that video certainly will. Semper Fi

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1 year 11 months ago #16189 by dubob
Replied by dubob on topic Rainy Day Bloviating - Danger Lurks
From the comments posted at your link, there seems to be some doubt as to it actually being a lightning strike on water. But your core warning was well taken.

Bob Hicks, from Utah
I’m 76 years young and going as hard as I can for as long as I can.
“Free men don't ask permission to bear arms.” ― Glen Aldrich

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