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1 year 11 months ago #16201 by harrylouise
I’m back from a failed attempt to have 100% fun. Made it back to the RV just before a lightning storm accompanied by a torrential downpour [nuisance time once again]. Unfortunately for me, I have no other choice but to confess to giving some false information – I did not have a choice because I am quite certain that the astute readers will connect-the-dots and figure out that my little journey was not all about fun (punishment for a cover-up is more severe than the crime syndrome). Yep, your right – I was sent on a “Honey Do” expedition. I always try to look at the brighter side of things, but this journey did not live up to that standard. The distracted engineer on the Nuisance Train missed a switch signal and is now heading down a side track. Emergency plans kicked-in but cannot be executed because the engineer’s plate is full. The engineer’s alternative action is to light the torch and pass it to a want-ta-bee {sic} athlete with train engineer fantasies – let that person run the torch to another venue to douse the flame. There is no better place to find such a person than this website. The common denominators and formula are: MCG > Commissary > Health > Fitness > Diet > Age > Diabetes < Scarcity of “Sugar Free” Products. Do I need to say more? No, but it would be nice to have progress information posted on this website for other viewers that have symptoms of the personal common denominators. Semper Fi

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