2 campers at a campground

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1 year 2 days ago #16502 by bearland53
2 campers at a campground was created by bearland53
I travel with my 2 brothers - we have 2 campers. I am the widow of a 100% service connected death veteran. Would both campers be allowed to stay at a military campground?
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11 months 4 weeks ago #16510 by Swim-bike-run-1
Replied by Swim-bike-run-1 on topic 2 campers at a campground
...too loaded of a question IMO...

Yrs ago at camp Murray, they used to have a 100% D.A.V. Guy Whom camp Murray trailer park (campground) would let this person book/reserve all the tent camping spaces preseason, all the tent camping certain weekends (many) over the tent camp season of camp Murray would be sold out.
They'd even show up 9am expecting others to vacate before checkout cuz they were pretentious female depedants with young females dependents (Girl Scout troop most non military but sponcered by egregious 100% D.A.V guy... talk about irrational, unreasonable expectations???

Of course this practice killed availability to active duty, retirees and veterans you know the people who get on base on their merits, not the merits of someone else's service...
Again, all due to a 100% D.A.V. Veteran trying to make an impression on this girlscout group as he was a scouting leader...doing the no no of what is called "being a blue falcon" by service members/veterans (derogatory term meaning someone who stabs its friendly in the back usually for self gain but term is explained with much more vulgar wording giving the meaning more impact)

How do you think that went?

Next year that silliness ended, and that campground host that allowed it/fostered it with campground management who implemented it weren't there anymore either...justice served IMO.

You'll have to check each and every campground, explain your situation and see how it goes...no set of standard rules/polices/expections that uniformly covers what you're asking, quite a simple question which shouldn't require so much "let's make up the rules as we" possibilities...
There are a few legacy D.A.V. Widows at macdill part of the Macdill snowbird cliche, they're sponsors/veteran died and they're still doing their yearly reservations no different than when their sponsor was alive with exception their sponsor isn't alive/present...
To OP, your status is prolly the number one grievance of lot of veterans have when told no availability & use unacommpied dependants as a prime example of another problem on base, the unacommied sponsored dependant whom didn't serve, but got services when a veteran didn't much less the secondary issue of unaccomied sponsored dependants really arent accountable to anyone so they rock the boat for sport and some certainly act this way...

That was kinda snarky I'm sorry, very frustrating IMO a simple questions you ask can't have a uniform simple answer from of all orgs, DoD???,
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