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Nevada 150960
28 March - 1 April 2018
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After over a month staying here I like the park but am confused about all the 5.0 reviews. I have stayed at least 10 military RV parks and this is definitely not the best. Positives: Older spots are roomy and very nice, staff is friendly, base amenities are close and generally good, You are in Vegas - good and bad! Negatives: If you like peace and quiet - forget it! The area has become very industrial, thus lots of commercial noise even after 10 PM. The emergency generator at the hospital is next to the older area and kicked in at 5 am one morning. The locals race up and down Craig and Las Vegas Blvd roads all night. The new sites are simply poorly designed, too tight and utilities in wrong location - so plan for a large truck to be parked within inches of your RV or trailer. Some are very hard to level so leveling is next to impossible. And since they are a fair amount of active duty with diesel trucks or muscle cars you will be woken up at 0600 every morning as they idle their vehicles for 30 minutes while they take a shower. The reservation system seems to be crazy - I have seen several people put into overflow spots when spots are open for days at a time. If you show up before noon you will probably sit in the registration parking till afternoon. They appear to not know who is leaving or coming till after they make their rounds. Seems to be no check out time. Large RV's are put in tiny spots while small RV's get large spots. No method to match sites to type of RV. With all that said if you want to come for a few days and hit Vegas and get out of here, good place to park for short periods. They should make 50% of the park first come and first serve and the old area reservations only. Would make more financial sense. If you want long term go somewhere else. 
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