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Edwards AFB FamCamp
California 80277 2 15 0 20
Outdoor Recreation is here to provide you with many of the items you will need to take advantage of the local recreational areas if you enjoy camping, hiking, skiing, climbing, gardening, or other activities. We have the programs and equipment to support your needs.
3.4 (89)
Channel Islands Coast Guard Campground
California 52771 0 4 0 8
Located at Channel Islands Harbor, across the street from the Coast Guard Station. Well maintained rustic atmosphere, near many community attractions.
2.1 (8)
Camp Roberts
Camp Roberts Featured
California 67638 0 4 0 7
Great spot for some fishing and hunting.
3.2 (31)
Beale AFB FamCamp
California 91065 0 12 1 35
Throughout the country, Services Squadrons run special on-base camping facilities. These facilities range from simple overnight parking facilities to full-service facilities such as the FamCamp at Beale AFB. This FamCamp has won numerous awards for being one of the BEST U.S. Military Campgrounds.
4.2 (65)
Oasis RV Park
Oasis RV Park Featured
California 57804 1 7 0 10
A no frills RV park in the California desert. Not far from the Interstates and area attractions.
2.9 (28)
Pine Bluff Arsenal Campsites
Arkansas 29593 0 5 0 3
Currently CLOSED Due to Flooding Small, quiet and isolated campground located between a lake and river. No frills, but priced right!
3.3 (5)
Little Rock AFB FamCamp
Arkansas 68401 0 16 0 22
Outdoor Adventure Program offers many fun and exciting trips. Our trips include but are not limited to, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, dinner cruises, pontoon boat rides, rock climbing, and mountain biking for the outdoor enthusiast. Recreation checkout offers outdoor and recreation equipment for checkout. Available at the base lake is the Family Camping facility, offering RV spaces to traveling members of the Armed Forces.
4.1 (62)
Fort Chaffee RV Park
Arkansas 68070 1 10 0 22
Small campground near many historical sites. It is quiet and has friendly campers. Campground is on a hill overlooking a small lake.
4.4 (33)
Lake Martinez Recreation Facility
Arizona 100931 1 26 0 12
A nice restful recreation area located outside of Yuma, Arizona, on the Colorado River.
3.9 (17)
Site #11
Gila Bend FamCamp FeaturedNew
Arizona 80117 1 9 2 24
A quiet, no frills, remote location in the sunny Arizona desert.
3.1 (39)
Fort Tuthill Recreation Area
Arizona 135178 0 17 0 54
Located in the tall Pines, near Flagstaff, Arizona. A perfect location to make day trips to the Grand Canyon. Excellent variety of lodging, in addition to varied RV sites.
3.7 (39)
Desert Breeze Travel Camp
Arizona 79536 1 22 4 29
A popular winter destination near the Colorado River in a Desert area near California and Mexico. 30 Miles north of Yuma and 27 miles north of Yuma Marine Corp Air Station (MCAS). The Colorado River has numerous irrigation canals and hundreds of small lakes with excellent boating, fishing, swimming and water skiing opportunities.
4.1 (36)
Apache Flats RV Resort
Arizona 128986 1 13 1 74
This popular resort is located at the base of the Huachuca Mountains offering beautiful views and a paradise for bird lovers and hikers.
4.6 (85)
Easter Posey MWR Campground
Alabama 49529 0 7 0 3
This is the original and smaller of two campgrounds located on Redstone Arsenal. Small quiet campground. Located along the Tennessee River on Shields Road. Each site is equipped with water and electricity. Our equipment checkout center is available for a variety of rental items, some of which include: picnic gear, trailers, barbecue grills, campers, canoes, pontoon and bass boats, and boating equipment.
3.4 (11)
Lake Martin Recreation Area
Alabama 86908 0 22 1 18
Located on Lake Martin, the Maxwell/Gunter Recreation Area offers boat and equipment rentals, rental trailers, cabins, and camping.
3.6 (30)
76 results - showing 61 - 75
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