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Raccoon Creek Recreation Area
3.9 (77)
Florida 120405   0   20   0   64
Our FamCamp operates year-round with 334 full-service sties complete with electricity, water, waste disposal, cable TV, and optional telephone service. The area also includes 37 partial hookups, 36 dry camp sites, and a tent camping area.
Admiral Baker RV Park
3.7 (71)
California 119490   0   7   2   39
A premium campground, especially if you're a golfer. Located in San Diego, CA, so there's a ton of sight-seeing available. Although operated by the Navy, this RV park is also open to the public.
James E. Johnson Memorial RV Park
3.7 (35)
Florida 119181   0   19   1   28
Located on Lake Kingsley, offering many beautiful sunsets.
Kings Creek RV Campground
4.3 (85)
Virginia 118006   2   21   1   67
Cheatham Annex offers one of the best outdoor recreation sites in the Navy. It exemplifies the coexistence between the Navy mission and the environment. Our 2,300 acres of woodlands and lakes are home to white-tailed deer, raccoon, squirrel, cotton tail, beaver and otter. More than 150 species of birds live in our woodlands year-round. Do not be surprised if you spot wild turkeys, osprey, great blue herons, great-horned owls, swans, quail or pheasants as you vacation. Our three freshwater...
Desert Eagle RV Park
Desert Eagle RV Park Featured Hot
4.6 (135)
Nevada 116857   0   18   1   69
The Desert Eagle RV Park has 116 RV sites with water, electrical power and sewage hook-ups. 32 RV sites with water and electric only, two tent areas; overflow area; a coin-operated Laundromat and shower and restroom facilities. Reservations may be made by mail, phone or e-mail. Our new area has received great reviews from those who have stayed in the sites.
Eagle Hammock RV Park
Eagle Hammock RV Park Featured Hot
4.8 (196)
Georgia 109728   0   35   0   80
A beautiful and popular RV Park. Well liked by it's visitors. Received the 2009, 2010, AND the 2011 Campers Choice Award for BEST Military Campground (Eastern USA).
Great Pond Outdoor Recreation Area
4.8 (81)
Maine 107170   0   26   2   37
The Great Pond Outdoor Adventure Center is a four season recreational facility. This 375 acre reservation boasts excellent fishing, hiking, canoe & kayaking as well as magnificent scenic vistas. This pristine site offers many opportunities to explore the Maine woods via canoe or mountain bike. Enjoy fishing, hiking, sailing and swimming* without leaving the area or travel south to explore Acadia National Park or visit Canada, 70 miles east on route 9. We can give you directions to several...
Point Mugu Recreation Facilities
4.0 (70)
California 104472   1   17   1   40
Enjoy some relaxing time on this quiet beach.
Corpus Christi RV Park
4.2 (135)
Texas 104449   1   26   0   56
Great park, great location. Campground is open to the public with a MWR Guest Card. Call (361) 961-2267 for information on the MWR Guest Card.
Peregrine Pines FamCamp
4.6 (118)
Colorado 104236   0   22   0   54
The camp has 105 wooded sites for camping, all with electrical, water and sewage hookups. There are also 8 tent sites. In addition, there are picnic tables, barbecue grills, trash receptacles, level parking spaces and many pull-through sites. There are additional primitive camping sites with a water station. The FamCamp is open year-round depending on weather conditions.
Camp Rilea
4.0 (42)
Oregon 104019   1   15   1   33
Experience the Pacific Ocean at it's finest.
Eglin AFB FamCamp
3.8 (48)
Florida 103948   2   20   0   38
Eglin AFB has TWO campgrounds to choose from. Camp Robbins is the main FamCamp and office. Postal Point is near the beach with great fishing, but no sewer hookups.
Fort Sam Houston RV Park
4.4 (134)
Texas 102989   1   9   2   57
The Recreational Vehicle Park provides a camping environment close to many of San Antonio's tourist attractions. For vacationers, cross-country travelers or a weekend away from the house, the Recreational Vehicle Park is the perfect place.
Davis Monthan AFB FamCamp
4.6 (157)
Arizona 102655   1   18   2   71
A top-rated, popular military campground in the Arizona sunbelt. While it is full most of the time in the winter, there is plenty of overflow space and there is a fair rotation policy into the FHU sites. Received the Campers Choice Award for OVERALL BEST Military Campground in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 AND 2011 (Western USA)!
Seabreeze at Seal Beach
4.5 (103)
California 101007   3   27   2   59
Welcome to the Seabreeze RV Resort located at the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach! The RV Resort features 85 concrete 50 ft. x 20 ft. pads complete with direct hookups to water, electricity, Direct TV, and sewage. Come enjoy the attractive landscaping throughout the Resort which compliments Naval Weapons Station’s existing Quality of Life facilities. The Seabreeze RV Resort has a distinctive, but warm registration office where friendly staff is available Monday through Friday from 10:00...
266 results - showing 16 - 30  
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