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West Fort Hood Travel Camp
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26-28 Feb 2017

First review for 2017. That said my last review stands. Great folks, clean restrooms/showers. The new section remains 90% nice and clean & 10% NOT. You know what I mean -longtimers w/ trucks being repaired and freezers on cinderblocks, clotheslines, etc. Manager tells me he's kicked out campers in the past who break the rules, abuse the facilities only to have their commander go over his head and get them re-instated, no matter what. Don't mean he's given up but it makes him really need a capital offense to run out those who try & turn this nice newly remodeled FAmCAmp into a trailer park. That said-like I already mentioned , it's a small % here at West Ft Hood. Ft Hood (main Post) facilities make this stop for us a real favorite. And the office WILL save you a space if you're driving in that same day you make the request. NO reservations still (bah humbug) but they really try & help best they can.

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Schilly Written by Schilly
March 19, 2017
about how far are you from the gate? we will be visiting our son in Sept. before he leaves for Syria and wondering which campground is closer to get to him in housing..thanks
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jsummers Written by jsummers
March 22, 2017
Ft Hood has so many gates. It's huge. But the closest gate is literally across the street , less that half mile.
2 results - showing 1 - 2