US-2 from Lincoln, NH area to Great Pond, ME

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7 years 11 months ago #10309 by seadog
Has anyone made the subject trip on US-2(and I-95 west of Bangor, ME)? Is this the best(only) way to get from NH(Lincoln) to Great Pond in ME? Is the road surface good, hilly, winding, etc? How long should it take in a Class A?
Any tips/advice on making the trip appreciated.


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7 years 7 months ago #10712 by rchase
Although I have never made the exact trip that you mention, I have traveled a bit on the Spaulding Turnpike. You would have to head south a bit from Lincoln to hook up with it but it is a good road and a nice ride. From Northern NH there is no really good way to cross over into Maine that I have found. I am from Maine but live in NH. We routinely travel up to Medway from New Boston NH about twice a year. Once you hook up with the Spaulding it will be pretty smooth sailing for you. It may prove too far south for you. When we leave Laconia it is not a bad run over to the Spaulding. If I remember correctly Great Pond is near Old Town so, you would do best to catch I-95 as you get off Spaulding.


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7 years 3 months ago - 7 years 3 months ago #11322 by Old Shirt
Replied by Old Shirt on topic Re: US-2 from Lincoln, NH area to Great Pond, ME
Late to the party here but I can confirm that US 2 is hilly and curvy in a lot of spots, but it IS a regular trucking corridor so a big RV or PU with trailer should be fine. Rt. 9 (your last leg to Dow Pines) is nearly a superhighway these days with most of the sharp curves and hills straightened and flattened out.

Rt. 2 is also very scenic in places, but as with many of Maine's roads you'll experience mind numbing sameness as you travel along the coniferous lined highways and by-ways. They don't call it "The Pine Tree State" for nothing. :lol:

If you travel up 95 you'll get to see some active Eagle and Osprey nests, right along the highway, a little north of Augusta. Just keep an eye on the high tension line towers.

PS I've lived in the Bangor area most of my adult life. ;)

If it were me, I'd take I-95 to Bangor-I-395 across the Penobscot River to the first Brewer exit and motor north on S then N Main St. It's a straight shot with only a few stop lights to navigate through that way.

If you come up Rt 2 you'll have quite a few turns to make as you navigate through Bangor/Brewer or Bangor/Old Town/Orono.

A nice alternative might be Rt 2 up to I-95 (and hit Dysart's Truckstop for lunch) then cross the Penobscot on I-395 and motor north.

Dow Pines/Great Pond is about an hour or so north of Brewer IIRC. Don't recall exactly as I haven't been up that away for a spell.
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