Spring comes later than many realize in the North woods.

Editors note: This article was written by Matt Whitegiver and is used by permission. Matt Whitegiver is a Master Maine Guide and has operated Eagle Mountain Guide Service in Downeast Maine for the past 10 years. - eaglemountainguideservice.com - 207-537-5282

As the weather warms here in Maine, the excitement of Spring fishing is in the air. The leaves are bright green and growing bigger with each passing day. Along the shore of Great Pond is the site of the "Great Pond Outdoor Adventure Center", one of Maine's military campgrounds. The ice is long gone now and things are heating up in expectation of the 2009 camping/vacation season. This time of year it's tough to decide where to fish. It's prime time for Brook Trout fishing in the numerous brooks and streams that surround the campground.

A favorite hot spot of mine for Small Mouth Bass is also ready to fish. This spot consistently produces 3, 4 and 5 lb Smallies! It's a bit ofLunker Smallies a hike through the woods to get to the river where we catch them, but it's well worth the effort. Bring your fly dope for this trip! The many nearby cold water, spring fed lakes are a “must do” for trolling fly-lines and surface casting. The Landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout and Brookies are still on top and cruising for schools of smelts. We like to troll streamer flies and Mooselook Wobbler's this time of year as well as a new lure on the market thats getting wicked popular up here called the DB Smelt. Although this lure won't replace the Wobbler in my tackle box, it has earned a place right next to them.

Just an hour away from Great Pond is the world famous Grand Lake Stream which offers the fly-fisherman another fantastic fishery for the majestic Landlocked Salmon. Fishermen from all over the world converge on this stream. It's located in the village of Grand Lake Stream, situated deep in the Maine woods. The stream is the outlet of West Grand Lake which is Eagle Mountain Guide Service's home away from home certain times of the year. So, as you can see, the choices are many for the avid angler young and old. Myself, I think tomorrow we are going to hit a stream down the road a bit that a biologist friend of mine informs me is producing "world class" Brookies! I've been waiting all winter to see it for myself. I'll let you know how we do. As June rolls in we'll be trolling in the early am and the last hour of daylight for Salmon and Trout, while the rest of the day we target the Smallies which will be starting there spawning cycle and sitting on beds. One lake only 25 minutes from the campground is probably one of the best lakes in the East, certainly in all of Maine for these giant bronze backs. From June until late August we boat many 5+ lb Smallies.

We're looking forward to a great season here in Maine. Remember, Bar Harbor is only an hour away from the campground, maybe not everyone in the family wants to fish all the time! Why? I don't know... From Bar Harbor you can take a day trip to Nova Scotia on the ferry called the “Cat “. It's a 2 ¼ hour trip each way, up and back the same day. Safe travels wherever your destination may be, and good fishing... until next time.