Summer Vacation Travel and Tire Pressure

Editors note: This article was written by John Clapper and is used by permission. While this article isn't specifically on U.S. Military Recreation Facilities, it's an important article for all RV's. I use this same system.

Many thousands of families are vacationing this summer in their RV’s (Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels and Motor homes).

A silent danger that could cost an RV owner quite a lot of money is tire failure. Usually, when a blowout occurs it isn’t as rapid as the term implies. Usually something causes the tire pressure to be lost and over some distance, the pressure less tire begins to come apart. As it does, it could flap against the decorative tire covers tearing them up – all the while subjecting the RV owner to the inherent safety issues involved in this potential loss of control situation.

Several years ago, I was very concerned about this happening to my 37’ 5th Wheel RV. I began surfing the Internet and talking to other Rvers as I searched for a system to buy. I selected a company whose Internet address is The system comes with a Master Control Panel affixed to the dash in my Truck as well as a wireless transmitter that screws onto each valve stem. So for my truck, there are 4 transmitters (1 mounted to each truck tire) and 4 for the RV (again, 1 mounted to each of the 4 - 5th Wheel tires).

As you are driving you may monitor tire pressures at any tire location on your tow vehicle or RV by toggling forward or backward. It can be used on a Motor Home and Towed vehicle as well. The display presents the tire pressure reading of the selected tire. This provides a sense of comfort to me as I drive.

However, more importantly, if a tire begins to leak an audible beeping will occur and the Master Control Panel will display the pressure of the failing tire usually providing sufficient time to slow down and pull over.

Over the several years that I have used this the Pressure Pro it has saved me quite a lot of money as it has alerted me to 4 different failures allowing me to stop, check and repair before any damage has occurred.

Safe Travels, John Clapper
2001 F250 Diesel Truck
2006 Cypress (by Newmar) 5th Wheel