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Hill AFB FamCamp Featured
Utah 112625
May 2018
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Second time staying here. Office staff are nice and hosts spend a lot of time keeping the place clean. The sound of freedom is alive and well at Hill, especially during the week. Closed windows don't make a difference. Seems like a lot of AT/FP money has been spent at Hill, particularly at the gates; multiple speed bumps/tables at each gate, plus the other barriers make any gate other than the Roy gate (exit 338) a slow go in an RV. If you enter via the Hill Road gate (closest to the FamCamp), be aware the Defenders could put the steel barriers a bit tight. Same with exiting the gate, too. Not all dog owners are considerate and pick up after their pets, despite bags and scoopers being available at the fenced dog run. Kind of surprised wifi still isn't available throughout the park. Plenty of other bases (AF and other services) have it, so it can be done. Park's interior roads are pretty easy to navigate. Would stay here again if in the SLC area. Not many other options for RV parks, especially at the price.
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