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28 Feb - 7 Mar 2011
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R.L. left this review using the Directory software: I called on 2-14-2011 for a reservation on 2-28-2011. Rick took my reservation, and was very cordial and friendly. He told me there would be no problem if we arrived early or late. Arrived as scheduled, but after sundown, and found the site difficult to find in the dark on our first visit. Daylight would have made a big difference. Flashing lights at the Kelly St. gate and on the end of the runway tend to intimidate if you're towing; you like to know you won't be driving into a dead end somewhere. On your first visit, try to arrive in the daylight; it will be much easier to find (This is true of arriving anywhere, not just here). The park itself is well laid out with lots of wide open grassy fields adjacent to the sites, a playground at the end, and a small, man-made lake at the other end. It is very clean and well-kept. It's a great place for our two grandsons to play! At the other end, they are expanding, putting in 13 new sites. Their WiFi network works great, with a very strong signal at our site (56). They are planning upgrade to the WiFi network, anyway. (Being a computer guy, I prefer when networks are secured, but open networks are fine, if you are careful; i.e., banking should not be done on an open network. Hopefully, they will install security as part of the upgrade.) Rest rooms and showers are in individual small rooms with excellent privacy. Laundry room could be better - there is no place to sit or fold clothes. But, rates were very reasonable ($.75 per load in washers and dryers). We found our stay here to be such a pleasant experience that we decided to stay a whole week instead of the four days originally planned!
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