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8 March - 15 March 2013
(Updated: March 25, 2013)
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Maxwell Fam Camp is a hidden gem waiting to be polished. We called ahead and talked with Rick to acquire reservations. On our previous visit in 2007, I failed to be impressed with the operation of the camp or its amenities. Fast forward to 2013; today we have new management and a new addition added to the park. With the energy and desire to make this Fam Camp the best it can be Rick is making a difference. The new addition offers several pull-thru sites. True some have the patio cover over the tables. And true for some the sites might be too close together. It all depends on how well you can manage your rig. There are few trees in the newer area, but then we can’t have everything.
In addition to the historical history of the city of Montgomery, there is more to offer the Rv’r who wishes to sit back, enjoy nature. Adjacent to the park are two six acre ponds. If you prefer an afternoon of fishing or just sitting at one of the many benches enjoying the sounds of nature this Fam Camp is a hidden hide-a-way. Many of our veterans Rv’r opt to stay in the newer addition of the park. There are several units set aside in the older section for those going to school at Maxwell. So they do have some homestead type units. But as long as the Fam Camp has plenty of room for the retiree to set up for a few days I have no qualms making room for those who need housing on a ‘short’ term bases. I did discuss with Rick the ambiance of the park and the impression it makes as you drive into the camp. Especially with the homestead family having laundry hanging on the cloths line adjacent to the unit. The laundry facilities were adequate with four washers and dryers. One addition that we have not seen in other Fam Camps was the addition of an ice machine in the laundry room. There were several guests stocking up on ice before they headed back out on the road. This is something you don’t often see in a Fam Camp. Bath facilities were very nice, with each bath having its own separate shower room attached. In conclusion this Fam Camp had a lot to offer. It has several historic sites to visit. The visitor’s center is downtown in a renovated train station. The camp itself offers the traveler fishing and boating on site for a reasonable fee. No license required for fishing ‘catch and release’. Maxwell AFB Fam Camp is a well worth the value for your camping needs. The PX and Commissary are very small, but adequate.
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