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April 13th, 2018

I guess I should have known Friday the 13th!! The only reason that we visited was because we participate in the Air Force Frequent Camper Program (Edwards completed tier 4). To say the place is unkempt is being kind. It looks abandoned. There was no indication that there was an employee on site. No posted signage and when I asked one of the 5 campers what the procedure was I was told to find an unlocked utilities box and use the self pay. A call to MWR (we needed to get the AFFCP booklet stamped) revealed that there is an employee on site. There is a discarded tent in the tent camping area alongside the sidewalk leading to the BX/Commissary complex along with a LOT of trash. Tumbleweeds abound and the picnic tables look as though someone has deliberately damaged most of them. A phone call to the Services commander's office is on the agenda. Someone needs to be apprised of how this reflects on the base in general. We were told that the price increase to $30 was to discourage long term campers. There is a limit of 30-day stay (don't know who would do that) followed by a 14-day absence and then return for 30-days and not to exceed 90 days in a calendar year. An on-site host is direly needed but one that will take pride in the campground.

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