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California 63308
2 Feb to 6 Feb 2009
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VERY poorly run RV park. We had problems day after day. First night was spent in dry camp with a promise of a site the next day. We got to the office at 9:30 am and they had already filled the available sites. Spent another night in dry camp with the promise of a site the NEXT day. Next day came, we paid for the site, but our site had a trailer in it with the owner no where to be found. The office had to locate the person. We had plans in the area, so they PROMISED they'd get the guy out and our spot would be available when we returned in the evening. Got back at 10:30 pm and darned if they hadn't given the site to someone else! The office closes at 4:30 and they're supposed to give all their communications to the Inn when they close but there is NO communication between the two. BAD experience for us from start to finish. We won't be back. Also, the office currently has no frequent camper books available for purchase.
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