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California 61054
March 13 – April 31, 2011
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Arrived mid day. The guards gave us directions to the FamCamp, some 1.5 miles down the road. Upon arrival in the area there were no signs on the main road as to where or when to turn. After a few zigzag turns we found our way to the grass overflow as no FHU site available. While checking out the only building there and the area we noticed a Welcome to MARB FamCamp sign at the far end of the camp. Another sign directed you to the ITT building to pay (normal duty hours) or to The Inn (after duty hours, holidays and weekends). Building numbers were given but without a map who knows where these buildings are. I had been stationed at MAFB before and knew where the Inn was located. We paid for our one night (Sunday) with instructions to go to the ITT building in the AM if we were to stay longer. We were given maps at this point. There is one building that houses the showers/bathrooms, laundry w/3 washers & dryers, a computer terminal and some reading material. All are in good shape to include a daily cleaning. Monday, with map in hand, we went to the ITT office and found that a FHU was available. When our 14 days were up we were told that our site was available so we renewed. Those folks we met were friendly and helpful which is unlike what we had previously read about. The max stay is 14 days with FHU. If there is no one in overflow wanting a FHU site then you can extend another 14 days. However if your FHU time is up and an overflow person wants a FHU you have to move into overflow or leave. Price for FHU is $15 per day or $196 per 14 days and overflow is $5 per day unlimited which gives you access to the facilities building and the use of the dump and potable water. Not the best but the price is good. They will be expanding but currently you have a choice of sites with pads & grass, gravel & grass or asphalt and no grass. We had an asphalt site located across the street from the Tower and Passenger Terminal. Got to see lots of our troops leave and arrive from destinations unknown. They play Reveille at 0730, Retreat at 1630 and Taps at 2200. Nice to hear and remember our freedoms.
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