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California 212214
8-13 July 2012
(Updated: July 21, 2012)
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Very nice beach. Great for boogie boarding and Surfing. The Life Guards are there doing their jobs making sure swimmer and and boarders stay on there side and surfers stay on there side. The Beach and Marina have activities for the young ones. My older daughter went to Surf Camp and younger one went to Sailing School for a week. Both classes impressed us and the girls had a great time. Now for the negative. The Restrooms are horrible. I feel sorry for those who have to use them. The rules are posted at each camp site. 1 RV and 1 tent or 2 tents if no RV. 8 person max per site. 2 Vehicle limit. These rules are not enforced. Sites were crowded with multiple tents and vehicle and over the 8 person max. So much that they even protruded in to the streets making it hard for two vehicle to pass. I had heard that nothing was enforced prior to coming and now I have seen it first hand. I don't plan on camping there again. But I will visit the beach for a day and use the nasty restrooms. Fortunately, I'm a man and don't have to get too personal with them. I just pray I don''t have to go #2. :)
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