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Clubhouse, Laundry, Restrooms
California 38548
October 28, 2013 --- February 4, 2014
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Just departed NAWS China Lake after 3 months and had one of the best experiences of my 46 years camping. Could be we got lucky on the weather but it could be called the "Palm Springs - North" given this years winter, basically 60-70's in day and high 20's or low 30's at night. The campground is new and well laid out so nothing wrong with the campground except it is underutilized at this point. The price a major factor among us full timers is very reasonable by the month ($17/day), no cable but just pop up your antenna and get 32 HD channels. The biggest draw for us besides a daughter living there is the desert. There are endless miles of walks, golf, a very serene setting, the mountain scenery is magnificent, and the wildlife is up close and personal. Find a reason to get to this desert resort and go in October/November when all the National Parks are still accessible or wait till the snows fall in the mountains and go for the winter sports.
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