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Mar 29, 2015

BEWARE--We attempted to enter the base at the south gate, and two airmen directed my wife and I to exit the motorhome and open all bays, then go into an enclosed waiting room without windows while they inspected our motorhome. I requested they wear booties if they go inside the motorhome. My wife went into the enclosed waiting room and I stood just outside the door in order to maintain view of my property. I observed one airman step just inside the door of the motorhome, then exit and walk around the motorhome looking into each bay. One airman standing next to me said I was preventing them from doing their job by not going into the enclosed room, and called for his supervisor. A MSG arrived, spoke with the two airmen at a distance, then approached me and said "we do not have booties, and since you refused to allow us to do a complete inspection you are denied entry to the base". I left and sent the base commander an immediate email, protesting the requirement (1)to go inside an enclosed-windowless room while my property is unsecured and out of my site, (2) the nonavailability of booties to protect my carpet, and (3) more competent authority to deny entry to the base. The Installation Commander did respond timely, but his explanation was not acceptable. His excuse to prevent us from maintaining view of our property was so that a "Terrorist or Threat" could not observe the procedures used to inspect! He also said they had not budgeted for booties, however I could provide them or some other means to protect my carpet! He did not discuss the availability of competent authority to deny base access, although he did request I return to observe the professional service of Vandenberg AFB! I think after 26 years of military service, I've observed enough professional service, so a return visit will not be on my bucket list!!

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