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California 85793
Feb 13, 2017
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Unbelievable. If you are planning on getting any mail while you are here...dont. No post office on base. Mail does not get delivered to camp ground. Staff must go into town to pick up the mail and that is a big if not when. Grounds keeping is far and wide. One day the mow 2 spaces, and weed trim another and than leaf blow another. Now when they weed trim they do a 10 foot section and skip 5 feet and start again. Management is not on site so you have young government employees unsupervised. Nobody can give you a straight answer when asked a question. There is a camp host but I have never seen anyone moveing around there. Now concrete pads, yes you would think on a seabee base they would have been level, no such luck, they slope left and crown in the middle with each end being different heights getting level requires one end of your motorhome to have the wheels up in the air, plan on a lot of blocking under the tires. It seems to me that with a little TLC this could and would be a great location to stay. Keep in mind this location is one of the most expensive Military camp locations I have been to. Golf course is playable at best again another location on this base that could use some structure and management. Employees are not the friendliest. The amazing point of this is I spent 27 years in the military with my last deployment in Iraq. Either the military is changing but in my day a military base was clean neat and well maintained.This whole base could use some structure and care. Perhaps with all the cuts in the navy taking pride in your base and duty station is not the case with the navy. a good wind good blow this place to the ground. 
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July 13, 2018
It seems like they are reallocating the profits to other programs. I’m a long term visitor and am starting to dig into it. Management is off site like others said.
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