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Colorado 131901
September 2012
(Updated: September 26, 2012)
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My boyfriend and I recently attended a wedding in Manitou Springs. I was looking for a cheap(er) place to stay with amazing views. I figured since I was using PTO for this a Holiday Inn just wouldn't cut it. Needless to stay I came across FRA and booked my weekend there. There were no pictures so I crossed my fingers! All I could say when I first got there was WOW OMG WOW. You drive on 24 past Manitou up higher into the mountains into Woodland Park. Then you drive in the woods for a while, you feel lost at times but just keep going! You drive into a cabin office where you can buy maps, t-shirts and get your keys. We got the keys and drove back to the 'duplex/cabin' area and right there to take your breath away is Pike's Peak, clear as day, right there above all the aspen birch trees. Depending on where you are you can't always see the mountain but whoever built the sight made sure it was in your face the WHOLE time. The window over the sink looked out at the mountain! The trials were AWESOME. Clean room with flat screen, DVD/VHS and cable to keep you company at night. All the forks, pots/pans/towels anyone could need. The price was great, only $85 a night! If you want to rough it you can rent there cottage/rustick cabin that doesn't have electricity or rent a camp site by the lake. They have a VERY nice community bath for people who choose those options. You can rent mountain bikes, fishing poles, paddle boats you name it! This place is so awesome and SO BEAUTIFUL. Trails are right outside your front door, LITERALLY! This is the best place to stay to take advantage of the Colorado wilderness during a short stay. I highly recommend it.
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