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Although this Famcamp has been open for several years now, and even though it APPEARS to be a well-laid out facility with paved, mostly pull-through spots with grass, management leaves everything to be desired. When there IS a Camp Host, who is rarely available, massive abuse is rampant as far as reservation system cheating, rule breaking, and failure to apply regulations equally. On and off season, you have to register/pay half way across the base with NO parking available for large trailers/RV's, they are NOT open on Sunday and limited hours on Saturday, sites are NOT assigned so you don't know whether a tent camper is sitting in a 50' pull-through, when the only first-come-first-serve spot for YOUR 45' RV is a 20' back-in spot. Their 'management' almost never supervises activity in Famcamp, and are VERY discourteous at best. Customer Service is horrible with a "YOU bow down to us" attitude rather than the requisite "We're here to serve YOU" that one would expect. Be prepared for a TERRIBLE stay!
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September 14, 2015
Hi I am the camp host of BAFB, I beg to differ on you saying I am never there which is not true I am available most all the time. I don't know when your visit was but I can reassure you I meet almost everyone that comes into this campground. As far as tent camping if they pay the regular price of $22 a night they have the right to occupy a pull through. You are not in here by site only by name. Customer service is not horrible at campground or Outdoor Rec, why don't you read the other AWESOME reviews that have come thru this park in the last several months.....I am sorry if you feel your stay was terrible but I don't believe that to be the truth!!!!!
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