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Sep 1 - Oct, 3, 2016

Wow, I'm really disappointed. I'm not even there yet for my 9/1 reservation and received a voice mail stating that ALL of the water to BAFB Famcamp is off and would likely be for 30 days. I'm beginning to regret the rave I wrote last summer when I left this campground. It's hard to imagine how the camp hosts could have a good experience living and working there if the base leadership regards their residential water source as this optional. In a military housing area, CE would be up all night fixing a water leak because PEOPLE MUST HAVE WATER. It's a quality of life issue, and commanders know this. When I phoned, I got a b.s. "I'm just doing what I'm told, ma'am." from the MANAGER. That's pathetic, inexcusable, and unacceptable. It *speaks volumes* about the relationship between MWR, the FSS and base commander, and civilian contractors. Whether it's a civilian company or a military base, if you make care of your people a low priority you should expect misery and concomitantly low morale across the base. Missions fail when you treat people this way. You can do better; you are taught leadership principles. USE THEM! It's not just that the camp hosts work hard to take care of people there with little thanks and poor resources, it's not just that the MWR staff are made powerless to resolve issues because they don't have the infrastructure or autonomy they need, it's not just that the Famcamp is used by veterans who deserve excellent care, it's that YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT MATTERS. SHAME ON YOU. I'm very much hoping that I get another voice mail telling me, "Ma'am, we're glad you're coming to our Famcamp because your site fees provide a high amount of revenue to our FSS programs, which in turn support the military families and the mission they fulfill here at Buckley AFB. So we got that water break problem fixed for every site ASAP, and we're ready to welcome every veteran and AD camper who will come to our base and feel a part of our community!" C'mon. It's obvious this is about leadership failure that begins at the top.

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