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Colorado 78152
May 17, 2017
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CAUTION! This military campground has no water. The water system has been down since August 2016 and I was told there is no money in the CE budget to make the necessary repairs. I was told by the camp host that the underground valve for the shore water spigots are defective and each one will need to be dug up and replaced. The camp host and the assistant host are the only campsites with water. To get water you have to relocate to one of those sites and full your fresh water tank. We made reservations for a 20-day stay a month in advance. No one mentioned there was no water in the campground. We arrived, selected our campsite and turned on the water—nothing! I went to the office and they apologized for not telling me in advance. They refunded my deposit and we scrambled to get reservations in Fort Collins instead. Bummer! I checked with this website at the time I made my reservations and read the August 20 post about the water being off for 30 days. Naturally, I thought the problems had been fixed since there were no other posts since October 2016. Now I have learned to inquire about problems of this nature before making my reservations and not assume it is repaired.
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