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Colorado 81497
June 2017
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We have stayed here both August 2016 and more recently June of 2017. The water situation ( no water in each campsite) has not been resolved since last August. They have added a couple of fire hydrants that they have added 4 spigots to, so you can fill up. The biggest problem now is that several people have decide to stay hooked up to the water for the duration of their stay. We went to fill up and all 4 spigots were occupied.We started to remove one of the hoses, per camp hosts instructions, only to be yelled at by the camper whose water we had unhooked. The Recreation office says that no one is supposed to be hooked into the hydrant full time , but this rule is not enforced.It was very frustrating. We hardly ever saw the camp hosts. The only time we actually saw them was when we knocked on their door. They never seemed to be available much. Also the 45 day rule was not being enforced. They were a least 2 campers that were there well over the 45 day limit All in all it is a convenient location, the spaces are long and quite a few pull throughs. Bathrooms were ok and free laundry for those who need it.
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