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Jan 16-19, 2015

This visit was to stay in one of several mobile homes on post ($66/night). I've used these a few other times and are convenient for those times when we stay with either a number of family members or another couple. Our RV (truck camper) is best used for just the two of us. The trailers are very nicely fitted out with bed linen, very minimal kitchen supplies and three (?) bedrooms and two baths. Minimal kitchen supplies means plates, cups and adequate dinnerware but very little in the way of cooking utensils. As always, check-in was smooth and easy. When we visit the RV sites, we often bring bottled water for drinking, coffee, etc as we often find the water there undrinkable. On the contrary, the water in the mobile home seemed quite good. I'm not certain if there were changes made to the system or it the mobile homes were on another water supply. Please note my forum post about access to the post. The 'main' gate is no longer open. The 'older' gate is now used for access.

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BrewMeister Written by BrewMeister
February 21, 2016
Question - is this campground and rental units only available to Delaware National Guard? I attempted to call, no answer at any of numbers. TIA
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Doneitall Written by Doneitall
April 19, 2017
Very hard to contact anyone as staffing has been seriously reduced. Same access as any other Milcamp. Keep trying close to 8AM, noon or 4PM.
2 results - showing 1 - 2