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Florida 207026
(Updated: November 15, 2015)
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Looks like a great park! I say 'looks like' because we spent most of our two days there either inside our RV or at the Naval Air Museum thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia that had 40+mph sustained winds and seriously heavy rains. We drove around the facility on our way to the NEX/Commissary a few miles away at Corry Field (Deb at the office gave us a map and helped us with extending our reservation an extra night). I'll agree with the other reviewers comments regarding poor signage - especially at night and in the rain! That said, once you have an idea where you are going (or have a good GPS app) you can get around easily. We arrived at the main gate as the back gate is only open limited hours. We didn't use the facilities due to the weather, but they looked good from a distance. Utilities worked fine, although we did lose power at the museum for an hour during the storm (uncertain if it affected the campground, but probably did), water pressure was fine as was the cable TV service (to windy for me to put out our Dish). We certainly look forward to coming back, just keep in mind you can't reason with hurricane season.
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