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August 2016

WOW what a shocker, the price increase is out of this world. We haven't got a cost of living raise in over 6 half years and the price has went from $17 to $30 dollars. They are putting the cost of their FamCamp upgrade all on the campers. I have been a camper to PAFB FamCamp since the year of 2002 to the present and this year they finally made a needed upgrade. What happen to the money collected all those years and no money was put back into the FamCamp. I have used many military campgrounds and this one has to be the highest of all military campgrounds. Was a survey of all military campgrounds conducted to get the overall average. I bet not. I have found that the average is around $21 a nite to include WiFi and cable TV which these site don't have. You can tell by looking at the new sites installed that a RVer was never consulted in the planning stage. The sites are very small and the sewer hook-up of the neighboring site is right next to the site's patio. Can you imagine setting outside of your camper having dinner with your family in the hot summer smelling sewage. I think before they open these sites that a health survey be conducted to determine that this is not a safety hazard. I feel these prices are just a cash cow for MWR at Patrick AFB to save face for their poor planning and mismanagement of this project because they haven't offered to camper a damn thing.

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