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Florida 326055
Oct-Nov 2016
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Agree with below (the next one down) comments. Bathrooms were dirty. Over all looked like much needed weed eating, grass cutting, liter pick up, fixing up etc is needed. Seems to have gone down in the up keep since last year and other years back. Tent campers: they closed the tent area down the road from NEX. Guess it is called Arthur Street area. Such a shame. Word is it was closed cause of flooding. Been that way for years. All of the tent sites did not flood. True reason may be the big rig RVs complained about tents, and their POVs, blocking their view (RVers view). I heard such complaints few years ago. So, suspect they got rid of the tenters to pacify the RVs. Shame. Tent campers have just as much right to camp here. Host are host. Few good ones there and a few you don't even want to meet or deal with. Won't mention names. But sure you know who they are. Trumbo is still good place to dry camp. Area by the inlet is fixed up nice. That should be the tent area. Go figure. Guards back on the gate. Good news. Laundry room ran by NEX is still dirty, trashy and dirty. What else is new. For the money they take in each year off RVers you would think much more could be done here. Wrong.
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