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Florida 326049
January 9, 2017
(Updated: January 27, 2017)
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This is just an old soldier's opinion - here goes. We are back at NASKW for our 3rd year in a row. Love it. The rules seem as straight forward this year as they have been in the past with the addition of a consideration for active service members. I remind my fellow retirees of 2 items: 1. If it wasn't for the active service at all locations the FamCamps more than likely wouldn't exist. Remembering the numerous PCSs we made, I appreciate the active service members staying here with their kids. Great time for mom/dad time before the next deployment. 2. If we don't like the conditions here, we always have the option to try to find a spot in some of the local campgrounds. Price average about $115/day and RVers are in their neighbors living room (very tight quarters). Will we come back - almost positively. PS: we have stayed at numerous FamCamps across the US. Some are better than other but all contain my fellow military family brothers and sister that have always felt like family. And thanks to for a great service. Added a pic of sunset from Sunset Lounge.
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