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Jan 25, 2017
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See my review from Feb 16 last year. To add what's going on this year. No improvements on any of last years observations. The new complaint is the waiting lists for full hook ups, some genius decided it would be better (for who?) if we could not tell where we are on the list. What does that person think? that we are all idiots and can't count. So now people stand in front of the boards counting the names to see what number they are. The bathroom cleanliness is worse this year. No cleaning service on weekends or holidays. On MLK weekend there was A TURD FLOATING ON THE MENS ROOM FLOOR. Trashcan was overflowing, shower curtain rod in last stall broken and laying in a flood of water. Sickening and disgusting. Where is the NAS health department? Nobody cuts the grass in any of the areas of dry or hookup camping. If you think it needs cutting you cut it yourself. After coming here since 1994 the only real improvement has been the Gowifi service for internet usage. Everything has got worse and nobody seems to give a damn. Rooster is still keeping people awake in Sigsbee circle starting about 0300 every morning. Management should go visit Pelicans Roost campground in Jacksonville to see how a campground should be run.
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March 03, 2017
We have been going to Sigsbee for four years. MWR should be ashamed of the condition of this campground. For over 150 campers there are maybe 8 working washing machines. Of course anyone who has access to the base can use them. Long waits. The boathouse in dry camping is filthy. The campers have been cleaning it. Really. Lots of rules no one inforrces, loud generators, more then one car at sites, clean up after your pet, only to name a few. Why have rules? The Hosts are not allowed to do anything unless given permission from " the office". Is this MWRs way of stopping everyone using this area? If it wasn't for it being where it is trust me we wouldn't be there. Shame on MWR. Oh one more thing where does the money go this area earns? It certainly isn't being used on the camping area.
1 results - showing 1 - 1