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Jan-Mar 2017
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12 winters at Sigsbee and no improvements in the campgrounds. The facilities are way overused due to increased active duty and their families using the laundries and showers. The facilities were not constructed to handle the overload. Yes, it's warm, and the water is lovely, but wait until you have your lovely site ruined by someone who moves in next to you with a loud asphyxiating generator (or two). The rule to have a generator the equivalent of 5db (Honda 2000) has been pushed aside as two generators is now the fad. Key West is entertaining to say the least, but parking downtown is now virtually non-existent and expensive. It's about the money. MWR is now the funding agent for the active duty facilities and CO's "appear" to be in a double bind situation of not wanting to rock the boat on a cash cow. Comments were made about active duty rent funding the campground...the campground made money before active duty used it for housing. I'm not blaming the active duty for taking advantage of the situation...if we were active duty here, we probably would too. The "rock pile" hook up sites were not made for the 40ft plus RV's but I've seen worse at civilian sites. The Sunset Restaurant (please do away with the Lounge name) violates SECNAVINST 5100.13e Smoking Regulations. Although they call it open air, smokers routinely light up next to you while you're trying to eat, and during entertainment. Even if you sit outside in close quarters, second hand smoke is a killer. Common sense has eliminated smoking from open air events in stadiums!! All being said, why do we keep coming shoveling snow.
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March 20, 2017
I'm sorry that you are so miserable, easy fix for your attitude and disgust of the facility LEAVE!!!!!
March 24, 2017
Believe your comments and assessments are very forthright and not worthy of negative rebuttals. I see the issue(s) as pertinent and action should be taken to upgrade and improve the facilities.
March 26, 2017
In reply to an earlier comment

Thank you...things will never improve unless they are called to attention.
April 02, 2017
Wow. Disregard this review. People like this are going to whine and ruin it for all of us (yet he keeps coming for 12 years?) .....Look. He/She rates city of Key West as 4 of 5 stars. That's the first clue he's wrong. NASKW can get very full, but to have this. There is NO, repeat, NO reason to give bad reviews in a public forum. Turn in your ID. Check into a nursing home. Maybe take out a loan & go to Boyd's campground..... They have it all-but it will cost ya.
April 08, 2017
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The only difference between my comment and previous negative comments regarding dirty showers, generators etc. were "active duty and smoking". I am familiar with the plight of the mold situation in the on base quarters that that is a valid complaint of our military stationed in KW. It does not rectify the overcrowding during peak season and the problems that arise. Recently, a dependent was discovered to be doing laundry on base for off base people...perhaps to supplement income as washers off base are very expensive. The snide comment about a retiree going to Boyd's on a meager retirement pay and turning in an ID card that was earned the hard way should be shameful by any active duty or retiree. We don't get a supplemental housing allowance to stay at was supposed to be an earned benefit from years of poor pay and sacrifice.
5 results - showing 1 - 5