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Florida 326047
Mar 7-13, 2017
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We stayed at Sigsbee for a week that was part of a three month retirement trip to Florida. We had read the Sigsbee for first-timers as well as the reviews on this website. We knew we would be boondocking during our short stay. We understood the rules even before arriving. We were expecting the worst based on reviews, but as it turned out, we were pleasantly surprised. The office staff was very friendly as were the hosts. Buzz gave me a ride in his cart and showed me all the options for where we could camp. There were plenty of sites from which to choose and we had a lot of open space around our T@B so we weren't swallowed up by the big rigs. The restrooms were well maintained for the most part except for one night when some type of insect was swarming. Our only complaint is the noise and fumes from all the generators in the overflow area. It's too bad that MWR can't reinvest some of the camping fees and run electricity throughout the park, but then I guess they would have to limit the length of your stay similar to the state parks. All in all, we had a very pleasant stay at Sigsbee. 
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