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Georgia 134256
Nov. 11th to 15th, 2009
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Same check in situation as last time, young woman at desk not trained yet or does not know what customer service means. She asked for less money than we owed so I had to tell her how much we owed and she assigned us a site with a big tree at the back of the site so a 45' would not fit. Found our own site and let them know what site we took. Arrived after NorIDA went thru and lots of flooding in low areas but no standing water on sites. Boat launch area was flooded up to the Country Store so no launches while we were there. Not able to use Broadband at all this time in site 35; had to drive out of the campground about a mile then signal was good. Huge construction going on since last visit and rumor has it troops from Fort Campbell are coming to Ft. Benning. These have to be the best fed deer in the U.S. as we see so many people feeding them and they come as close as a few feet from the RV's that put out food. Love Uchee Creek and we will always return here.....
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