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Georgia 139619
Oct 2009 - Dec 2009
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Grassy Pond is a conveniently located CG it is not too far from Valdosta for shopping. The base is about 35 minutes away. I have been staying at Grassy Pond a lot in the past. It was very beautiful with a lot of wildlife and friendly people there. There is a chance of Grassy Pond going down hill. The management does not get anything done or fixed properly. The camp host acts like he owns the CG and just cuts down the trees for firewood for the winter as mentioned in previous post that the CG supplies wood for fire 24/7 all winter, claiming to be taking down dangerous trees. My opinion is that if a tree has a dead limb then cut the limb off do not take the whole tree down. There have been quite a lot of trees taken down this winter. I have witnessed some of these trees being taken down in a very unsafe manner putting lives of campers as well as other civilians helping out at risk. When a camp host begins to put camper against camper because of his own unsafe actions a replacement of camp host should be in order. I would like to see more professionalism at Grassy Pond both from staff and camp host.I am ashamed that the actions of grown adults that have served our country can revert back to act like children. God bless you all happy trail.
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