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Illinois 82731
17 Sept 2011
(Updated: September 17, 2011)
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Ditto to the previous comments. I'll try to add other data and comments. My Garmin did bot recognize the main gate but as always just filled the Signs. The skeet range is nearby so our pet is really bonding to us. Additionally the flight line is not far away so lots of noise during missions. Typically as we have seen in other Famcamps, this "cash cow" gets very little return and the $$ ends up in the general fund to support 4th of July fireworks etc. As an example, only one fluorescent bulb in the washroom works out of at least 10. Although the bathroom's were clean, the wall grout has never been cleaned or sealed and the prison metal toilets is a disgrace. BTW Charleston used the same mindset... "Folks will screw things up so make it bullet proof" . This place is much better than we have seen and that's sad. If these Engineers would have RV'ers inputs before they built them we would have better reports and actual level sites rather than going to grade. The effort would have been the same but outcome much more efficient and acceptable. So that's my rant, yes We would stay again but we would still say the possibilities of "would have "and "could have" would still remain. Unfortunately this is an example of what "Good Enough" mentality is about.
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