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Illinois 82447
13-18 March 2012
(Updated: March 20, 2012)
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My wife, two girls, and I used SAFB FAMCAMP as a launch pad to visit St. Louis for our spring break trip. The campground is clean and well maintained with paved roads and campsites in the half we stayed in. There's plenty of room for the kids to run around or bicycle. The laundry and bathhouse was exceptionally clean, but had no hot water while we where there. There are no campsite sewer connections, but the dumpsite is available near the bathhouse. We were able to reserve site 20 for our stay. It's the only 50 amp site, though this time of year that's not really necessary for A/C purposes. It's also the only site long enough to accommodate our 41' 5er and TV. The recycle containers for glass and plastic are nearby, but the dumpsters were about 150 meters away. I suspect this offset is a very good thing in the summer months. We spent every day in St. Louis, so didn't use the on base facilities much. The BX and commissary are huge though. One great feature we did use is a Metrolink station right next to the installation to catch the train into town. You park on base and access the station with your ID card from a kiosk. One last detail, when approaching the main gate, the signs direct oversize vehicles to the right lane. That means the far right lane next to the curb. Just pull up to the stantions and wait. A guard (USAF) will come out in a few minutes and check IDs, give directions, etc.., then remove the stantions and allow you to enter. Overall, a great stay!
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