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Illinois 82731
25 - 28 Mar 2012
(Updated: March 29, 2012)
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Quiet park on the far side of the base. Very little aircraft generation so it was quiet. Reveille (0600) and Taps (2200) made more noise than anything. I love the solemn sound of Taps. The 30 amp site we had was fine. I had a site number 22. It was out in the open. If I had it to do over, I might opt for site #4. It is under the trees, shady, and looked like it would be long enough for my 39' 5er. I am guessing it has water and 30 amp. I didn't walk thru it. Takes about 10 minutes to get from the main gate to the CG. No wi-fi and it is unlikely the CG will ever get it. The Ed Center (next to ITT and BK) has free wi-fi if you really need it. If you fish, take your pole. The CG is across an open field from the base lakes. The contractor who was cutting the grass could stay a bit further from RVs when mowing, but that is the only negative I can think of. Overall, a good CG and great price.
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