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Illinois 85198
May 2014
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Stayed here a few times and found the camp was more than acceptable....especially when compared to many others. This time, we dropped in unexpectedly on our way back from Florida. A quick call, provided info and credit card number, then picked out an available spot across from the bath house. Good electricity and good water pressure. Bath house is clean and has a security lock. Two washers ($1.00) and dryers ($ .75) in a clean room. This camp is quite close to St Louis and near the Interstate. Easy access with post they can remove for long rigs (I maneuvered my 34' travel trailer with no problems without removing the posts). There is no campground host, and no way to contact operators outside normal duty hours. You fill out a form for one night stays if after hours, then contact the staff the next operating day. Excellent BX and Commissary with large gas station/Class VI. This is a large, busy, well-maintained Base. The road into the camp has large chuckholes, but not too bad. Camp sits on Scott Lake with obviously good fishing. My GPS finds the camp with no problems, even though I know exactly where it is, so anyone can find it. Gate guards know where it is, so verbal directions OK. Camp near a large golf course. There is a running path (soft textured surface?) around the runways. Noise not bad despite active runway operation. Good aircraft static displays for kids to see. Good wood shop and other amenities for hobbyists. Don't worry about leveling campers: I stayed at sites 1,2, 22-something, and 12 (currently no power at site 12, but that should be fixed). Site 12 is directly across from Dump Station which has water for flushing tanks. Overall, I found many commercial camps in Florida far, far worse than this one despite costs of $110.00 per night. Don't worry about this camp: it is more than acceptable despite lack of sewers (my only complaint) which isn't really an issue since the showers are excellent and clean. One guy here now has been here 8 months without sewers, but no issues for him (he's on a 2year deployment to Scott); no trashy sites common among homesteaders. Complainers will always complain about something, but this camp is fine.
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