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June 17, 2015
(Updated: June 25, 2015)
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Heads up! There is some serious construction at the main gate area going on from now (mid-June) until at least into August. You can still enter the main gate, but it's through two winding, narrow lanes lined with orange cones and some armco barriers. We tow a 37-ft fifth wheel and I barely made it through. I had to (slowly) hop a couple of curbs and unfortunately murdered a few cones. I would recommend you enter through the Belleville Gate (called the Mascoutah Gate in the directions info above), which is open from 0430 to 2330 daily for inbound traffic, and 24/7 for outbound traffic. Instead of turning left off Hwy 158 at the main gate road, continue to Hwy 161 and turn left, then another left onto Scott Drive, which goes right to the Belleville Gate. Once you're on base you then turn right at the first light (across from the Commissary) and follow the directions posted above. If you enter the main gate be advised it will be a slow process if you have a big rig. If you call to make a reservation I recommend you ask for the latest information on this if they don't bring it up. Other than all that, this is a nice park that's well maintained. Half the park is rustic and the other half is open with asphalt pads. The bath house and laundry is in the rustic area, and is very nice. All in all a good, economical place to stay in the St. Louis area.
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