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Sept 6, 2013 to ????
(Updated: May 28, 2014)
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My experience got off to a rocky start when one of the hosts, (?) answered my phone call for directions with rude and discourteous insults; when I asked her a question about getting to the campground via the Main Gate, her response was, "Well, yeah, duh!" My question was a legitimate one, due to the fact that in some military campgrounds, you enter via a different gate than the main gate; however, I found out the reason for her insulting discourse a few minutes later when I arrived at about 7:45 PM. She was drunk. She handed me a plastic key fob, without the key, pointed to where the bathrooms are located, and said, "Rule#1: you go over 5 MPH in this campground, and I'll ream your ass!" Then, she handed me a form to fill out, which stated that it was $20/night at the top of it. When I asked about the price for tent camping, she said that it was $15/ night; not the $7-10/night advertised on this website (TENT CAMPERS: PAY ATTENTION!!!). So, my wife and I, tired as we were, hurriedly set up out camp site and then went to use the bathroom (about 9 PM). All bathrooms were locked and the little plastic key fob was, of course, useless. I went back up to the host camper (Lot#1) to get a key and when I tried to get someone's attention for help, they turned off their lights. So, my wife and I (not being familiar with the base facilities) went into town to McDonald's to use the bathroom; which, we had to do again the next morning while we waited for the camp host to awaken. The next morning at 8 AM, I went up to the office to see if I could get a key and there was no one there. As I turned to walk away, the ****** (that's what their sign said), in Lot #1 came outside their trailer; so, I approached to ask about the key to the bathrooms. The greeting I got this time was, "What do you want, Bud?". I asked about the key and she said, "You know, there is another camp host over there", gesturing across the campground to the other side of the main building. I told her, "thank you, I did not know that because I've never been here before. Her response was, "Well, we've got signs, you know". Now, I don't know if this is "normal" protocol for greeting guests, but if so, I'll never stay here again. The tone was set right from the start for an unpleasant stay, and thought we tried to make the best of it, all we could see were flaws and faults with all of the high scores given to this place. It makes me think that a lot of these positive comments are from the dozen, or so, "homesteaders" who stay here year-round. It also gives credence to the argument against homesteading in FamCamps. *** had made a statement in our brief conversations, that she and her husband have been here for 13 years. Well, it shows. They, and their other co-hosts, have taken over the lounge, the laundry room, and even the pavilion outside of the main building, turning it into their private little area to entertain their personal guests, or so it would seem. They have all of their personal lawn furniture scattered about, a golf cart (MWR on it) parked underneath in among the picnic tables, and they even have a little statuette fountain that looks like both of their dogs. Even the laundry room seems to have been taken over with someone's personal belongings strewn everywhere, in there. The lounge is a joke; its more like an extension of their office space. All of these things combine to make a stranger very uncomfortable in wanting to use those things which are advertised as being available. To us, it seems as though you must get permission from the camp hosts to use anything, or do anything. Now, I will give high marks for the campground facilities. They are clean and everything looks neat and tidy. In fact, were it not for the unpleasant experience with the camp hosts, I would give this place higher marks; but, in my eyes, one can't help feeling obliged to leave after being greeted and treated the way we were. Campground hosts are supposed to be cordial, inviting, understanding, courteous, and polite; they are NOT supposed to be rude, insulting, and DRUNK!!! And, they definitely should not treat a government-owned facility like it is their very own property.
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September 07, 2013
The option to leave a DOD Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) has been added to the website for this campground. I HIGHLY encourage you to leave a ICE comment on your experience. The DOD and this installation will receive your comments and are required to respond to you (if you ask for a response).
September 09, 2013
In reply to an earlier comment

Thank you. I did so today, after reading your comment (09/09/2013).
September 09, 2013
Oh, almost forgot! I have to add that this base does have an absolutely WONDERFUL USO, just off of 5th Street and next to the Chapel. They have internet acess for free, instead of paying for it at the campground; a pool table, ping pong, 10 video game setups; NICE relaxing lounge chairs and big screen TV's, as well as lots of snacks and even little travel toiletries, if you need some. And, the hosts there are awesome! Kind of makes our disappointment with the campground a little more bearable!
May 19, 2019
Well this was 3 years after our review and things had not changed. We will be going there again this year and if things are the same then I will give the ICE another BAD RFVIEW. I have heard the Nancy is gone. NOW get the full timers out and this would be a GREAT camp. This camp does not need 3 or 4 host like it had. If you are not towing a dingy get ready to walk "ALOT". See my review June 2010.
4 results - showing 1 - 4