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Louisiana 62990
Jan - Mar 2011
(Updated: September 14, 2011)
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Toledo Bend is an amazing area to visit if you are a nature lover. Short of a fly in trip to Canada I have not seen wildlife in the variety and abundance that I do here. The staff are friendly and dedicated to making your visit enjoyable. Unfortunately the campground has no access to the internet nor cell phone reception. This means that emergency phone calls or finding medical contacts is impossible unless you drive 10 miles to the closest town. Wireless access to the internet would allow most smart phones access for video calling to loved ones. It would allow Seniors such as myself to locate local medical information when issues arise from prescriptions. Simply knowing what the weather will be like in detail before going out on a lake known for being treacherous when the wind blows would be a huge plus the internet would provide. Not having access to the internet is now considered a standard for judging an area impoverished. The staff at the camp have been desperately trying to get the approvals for installing wireless access for their camp but it seems like getting the proper approvals has been impossible. A new quarter of a million dollar dock system did get approved when the old one is still viable.
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