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Louisiana 62990
March 2012
(Updated: March 19, 2012)
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We stopped at Toledo Bend MCG and paid for two nights - but we left after ONE ... and won't go back. It's right on the lake, with boating and swimming and a buncha activities, very nice beach. Fishing, you name it, it has it. Could be a very nice MCG, and is a nice recreation area. Problem is, the RV section is an after-thought and extremely tough to like. Someone earlier mentioned wildlife, only thing besides two birds and a couple ducks was a hundred spiders and bugs and nests in the showers and a herd of barking dogs running all over, unsupervised and unleashed - one was chained under a trailer for all day and most of the night. Barked every time we got near our TC ... felt bad for the dog. Oh, yeah, wildlife: couple beer-drinkers barking at one another too, late enough to bother us. Sites are very close - about five feet between - dirt and unlevel. We had to squeeze into our site, sliding past a pick-up from the next site parked partially in ours. Couldn't find him to move it a little bit. Cables and wires strung all over, and not much clean up duty, it seems. And, looks like some trailers are there for the long haul ... one had a flat tire. Very untidy RV section, although the rec area was well run ... really could be nice, if fixed, repaired, maintained, and clean-up... but still very close sites even if the rest got attention. If you're in the area, State Park right down the road is excellent and has very nice pads, HU's and large sites, all paved. We'd go there next time, instead of Toledo Bend, sorry to say it as we like to support MCGs.
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